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Álvaro de Marichalar Sáenz de Tejada arrived in Belize as part of his world tour to circumnavigate the globe aboard the smallest craft in history. His tour commemorates the 500th anniversary of the World’s first circumnavigation and historic voyage by Ferdinand Magellan from 1519 – 1522. Having campaigned against plastic pollution for the past 40 years, Álvaro’s expedition is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of marine conservation. With support from the BTB, Alvaro arrived on Friday, December 2, in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. (

Traveling Around the World on a Jet Ski, Spanish Explorer Arrives in San Pedro

World Explorer Alvaro Tejada arrives in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Having departed from the harbor in Chetumal, Mexico, Alvaro found his way to Belize as he arrived in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Mr. Álvaro de Marichalar Sáenz de Tejada, holder of 14 world records, is recreating this voyage around the world to raise awareness for marine conservation, fighting plastic pollution and illegal fishing.

He states, "Urgent action is needed to protect the ocean. Our future is directly linked to the ocean and we cannot continue to treat it as a rubbish dump whilst fishing species to extinction.”

To celebrate and promote the First Tour of the World, Álvaro de Marichalar set sail three years ago from Seville on the historical date, August 10, 2019-1519. After sailing around Spain, Portugal and France without any support vessel, he then crossed the Atlantic ocean from southern Spain (Gibraltar) to Guadeloupe Island with the support of the French exploration ship YERSIN.

From Guadeloupe he continued navigating alone without a support ship, calling at the Caribbean islands all the way to Miami where he arrived on March 16, 2020. The pandemic stopped his expedition until February 19, 2022, when he was able to restart his Challenge, sailing along the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Bacalar.

Traveling Around the World on a Jet Ski, Spanish Explorer Arrives in San Pedro

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God willing, Alvaro will continue to Panama to cross to the Pacific ocean coast and travel up all the way to Alaska where he will then cross over to Russia to continue along Asia and finally into the Mediterranean before arriving in Seville.

He has two years of navigation ahead of him. Alvaro sails alone and always on his feet aboard his boat measuring just three meters long named NUMANCIA. Álvaro's small boat has a maximum range of 200 nautical miles thanks to its supplementary fuel tank, which allows Álvaro to sail without a support boat. Álvaro makes stops at islands and coastal ports to refuel, get food, rest and repair his boat; when he is unable to reach land, Álvaro sleeps at sea. As he has very little space, he can only carry water, nuts and honey on board his small vessel. He also gives motivational lectures at fishermen's guilds, town halls, universities, schools, sailing clubs, prisons, hospitals and Navy stations.

Traveling Around the World on a Jet Ski, Spanish Explorer Arrives in San Pedro

Melody Wolfe meets Alvaro as he left Chetumal, Mexico enroute to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Traveling Around the World on a Jet Ski, Spanish Explorer Arrives in San Pedro

About Alvaro:
* He is an entrepreneur in the real estate and telecommunications sector since he was 21 years old who founded TeleSat in 1983, the first Spanish company of satellite dishes.

* His passion is sailing. He has made forty maritime expeditions achieving 14 world records of navigation.
* Among other achievements, he sailed from Rome to New York in 2002. From Barcelona to Odessa, Ukraine in 2004 or from Hong Kong to Tokyo in 2006.

* For the last 40 years he has campaigned against plastic pollution in the sea and illegal fishing.

* Lecturer, writer and political activist who founded the first pan-European political movement called OmniaEuropa.

* Álvaro is producing a documentary series about his current Solo sailing around the World in the SMALLEST CRAFT in History.

Traveling Around the World on a Jet Ski, Spanish Explorer Arrives in San Pedro

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