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Twenty-two-year-old Kyrone Rene Vasquez, a local bodybuilder and personal trainer, has taken upon himself to assist his community in any way he can. With the establishment of the KV Foundation, this year he has managed to assist four students as they go back to school.

Last week Kyrone Vasquez was able to supply four island students with tablets, personal masks and a year’s worth of school fees at the Holy Cross Anglican Primary School. The students were happy to receive their tablets that will greatly assist them with online schooling that has become a norm during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kyrone received guidance from Mrs. Anita Maza, who serves at the Sagebrush Church, to identify the four students who were in most need of assistance. The island children include Ricki Franco, Alex Bennett, Crystal Bernardez & Amy Pineda.

“KV Foundation is a voice within the needs of our people and a means of building people up to be part of leadership in our community, country and nation,” commented Kyrone Vasquez. “The initial “KV” simplifies positivity, hard-work, dedication, relentlessness, perseverance! It is the strength within all odds. KV implify UNITY.”

KV Foundation Assists Students Back to School

KV Foundation Assists Students Back to School

Through his foundation, Kyrone received support from businesses and island residents to secure the tablets for the students. He also provided KV Physique merchandise to raise additional funding for his endeavors through the Foundation. Kyrone indicated that Sagebrush Church will be providing the students with school supplies which they do every year at the church.

“I thank everyone that supported by purchasing “KV Physique” merchandise which helped to raise funds to help these four kids to have a future.” “I am sure this is gonna be a life changing opportunity for so many and hope it will inspire others to donate and be able to help in any way possible during the year!” concluded Kyrone. “I believe one person can make a change and with God anything is possible. Let’s build a legacy; Thank you.”

Kyrone thanks the following individuals who have supported his KV Foundation:
Hailey Reynolds, Jiji Reynolds, Consi Nunez, Norma Graniel, Jorge Castillo, Sabdi Chan, Luis Dominguez, Zelz Varela, Judy Allen, Gloria & Sonny, Jen Belcastro, Marisa Graniel, Redline productions, Kieran Nunez, Sindi Martinez, Fernando & Nancy Cuellar, Yesenia Flores, Jasmine Briceno, Arlet Rancharan, Catherine Urbina.

If you would like to assist Kyrone through the KV Foundation you can contact him at 501-614-2891 or email him at:

KV Foundation Assists Students Back to School

KV Foundation Assists Students Back to School

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