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The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce the release of its first Travel & Tourism Mid-Year Performance Statistics Report. The  report  is  the  first  digitally  interactive  publication  produced  by  the  BTB in  an  effort  to provide  the  Tourism  Industry  with  a  snap-shot  of tourism  trends  occurring  over  the  first  six months of the  year.  The  publication is in lieu of the annual Tourism Digest that is produced at the conclusion  of  the  calendar  year and contains  an overview  of  arrival  trends  in  the  overnight and cruise sectors respectively.

The  BTB  has  increased  its  collaboration  with  the  Statistical  Institute  of  Belize (SIB)and  the Central  Bank  of  Belize to  further  enhance  the Visitor  Expenditure,  Motivation  &  Satisfaction (VEMS)survey  in  an  effort to provide  more  insightful  data  for  stakeholders  to  make  informed decisions. The sample size has been increased three-fold, and more detailed traveler data in areas such as tourist’s income level is now being collected.  The data on visitors by origin market region has been expanded to include the regions of South America and Oceania and the ‘Visitor Purpose’ category now includes guests coming to Belize for a honeymoon or wedding. In  addition,  the  mid-year  report also contains updated  information  on  the  tourist  visitor  profile, including tourists’ average daily expenditure for specific components of their trip, average length of  stay  in specific  destinations,  visitor satisfaction  rating,  and  many  other  data  points  based  on survey data collected over the first six months of the year.

Belize Tourism Board Releases Mid-Year Insight Into Tourism Performance

The mid-year report provides an overview of recent trends in the accommodation sector including basic performance indicators for properties in Belize that are registered with Airbnb. A subscription to “AirDna” data has been obtained to help us identify the level of impact of Airbnb properties on the industry.  The AirDna platform is a web based application that allows users to view performance metrics of all properties registered with Airbnb within a certain geographic jurisdiction.

Belize Tourism Board Releases Mid-Year Insight Into Tourism Performance

Insights into the latest tourism employment data collected by the Belize Tourism Board and SIB are also included in this report, and indicates the total number of persons currently employed in the tourism industry further broken down by gender and by district.

Belize Tourism Board Releases Mid-Year Insight Into Tourism Performance

Stakeholders can keep abreast of monthly dashboards provided on the BTB website by clicking the    following    link: Data requests can also be sent to

The  BTB  remains  committed to our industry  stakeholders  and  the  nation  to  report on the  latest tourism trends  and the  performance  of  the  industry, as  we  continue to  promote  Belize  as  a leading world class tourism destination and vacation paradise. Belize, a Curious Place!

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