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It’s a pesky and smelly problem that residents see no end in sight of, as sargasso keeps piling up on the beach of Ambergris Caye. It’s been three years now, that the over-abundance of sargasso is posing a nuisance. Not giving up to Mother Nature’s persistence, island residents have found ways to manage all that sargasso.

Setting the example in 2015, Dimas Guerrero took upon himself to build a beach with the sargasso that was accumulating on shore. Today, various resorts are mimicking Guerrero’s technique and applying it to their properties. It’s a very time-consuming and tasking process but one that produces great results - MORE BEACH!!

Resorts Are Building Beaches with Sargasso

Grand Colony builds a beach by burying sargasso and using the sand to extend the beach area all the way into properties of the upcoming Alaia Boutique Resort and Banyan Bay Suites

Resorts Are Building Beaches with Sargasso

Resorts Are Building Beaches with Sargasso

Take a look at the beach properties of Grand Colony Island Villas and Mata Rocks that are making strides in cleaning and building their beach after much erosion and now, sargasso accumulation. Grand Colony is digging large holes on the beach and filling them up with sargasso, using the excess sand to extend the beach area. Mata Rocks and Caye Casa, on the other hand, are spreading the sargasso and covering it with sand; both techniques proving to be successful.

These are just a couple properties that we have noticed lately showing gains over the sargasso problem. Most beach property owners and the Town Council are using the sargasso as landfill and even composting; putting it to good use.

Resorts Are Building Beaches with Sargasso

Mata Rocks (above) and Caye Casa (below) build their beach by adding sand over the accumulating sargasso

Resorts Are Building Beaches with Sargasso

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