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San Pedro High School Students were treated to two powerful plays last week that trigger thought, emotion and inspire the minds of the youth. The ‘Our World’ shows were presented by by Larry and Debbie Heimgartner, long-time friends of Ambergris Caye and San Pedro High School.

The Our World Project by Larry and Debbie Heimgartner is a collection of 30-minute plays that deal with social issues affecting young people around the world. The educational plays all deal with challenging and difficult global issues. They were performed at San Pedro high school on Friday, October 27; they were perfromed by Sarah MacKenzie and Emma Thomson.

'Find the Balance- equality for all' written by Larry Heimgartner and Sarah MacKenzie is a 30min dramatic presentation about equality and women's rights. Sarah covers issues that affect women around the world such as abusive relationships, girl trafficking, FGM and forced marriage. Sarah draws on personal experiences and observations of the cultures we live in that are oppressing women. She gives voice to important subjects that are key to the progression of equality such as Malala's inspiring fight for female education and highlights the double standards between the sexes. It is an emotive and powerful piece that is essential for young people to and inspire them to bring about change. It encourages men and women to respect each other and work towards equality, which is long overdue.

'Finding the Light', written by Larry Heimgartner and Emma Stirling, is a 30min dramatic presentation that raises awareness about mental health and depression. By sharing her own emotional stories of how depression has affected her own life and highlighting shocking statistics, Emma explores the realities of depression, how it's connected to other mental health issues like addiction, anxiety and suicide, and reveals ways we can support each other. By starting a powerful conversation and encouraging openness, honesty and kindness, Emma aims to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, which often prevents people from seeking help. Finding the Light uses the power of hope to educate and inspire young people by showing them that they are not alone and that together, we can bring about change.

Our World Project Targets Social Issues at San Pedro High School

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