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The Office of Director of Health Services of the Ministry of Health just recently posted an advisory on their Facebook Page concerning the identification of counterfeit Vick VapoRub.

“It is an over-the-counter produce in Belize, but which nonetheless can bring about other health issues with much less benefits than we use them for in Belize,” stated the Ministry on the post. “The counterfeit product is being reported by Venezuelan authorities and reminds us to remain vigilant for all the many products currently in our market.”

The Ministry reiterates that the issue of pharmaceuticals remains a central issue and its key issue remains safeguarding the health of all. Consumers are advised to look closely when purchasing products and to report any doubts they have of products that look different at their local supermarkets and pharmacies.

                            Fake Product                                          Original Product                               

Counterfeit Vick VapoRub Identified in Belize

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