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Belize is home to the largest population of Antillean Manatees in the world! But since the start of 2017 alone, a total of 7 manatees have been reported dead.

“It is important for us as Belizeans to help protect this endangered species before it's too late. Listen to what you can do to be a "Hu-manatee-arian"! #ToLoveandProtectBelize.” - Oceana Belize

It is being asked of boaters on the Belize River and rivers across the country to be aware that as the dry season progresses into April and May and river levels get lower, saltwater pushes further upriver, especially at high tide; the manatees tend to travel further upriver in small and large groups to drink fresh water. They are air-breathing marine mammals and need to be at the surface periodically.

Speeding boats are the biggest threat to these beautiful marine mammals.

A Call to Protect Belize’s Manatees

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