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Casa Pan Dulce’s Enticing Delicacies

Just in time for the Easter holidays, Casa Pan Dulce is introducing a whole new line of enticing delicacies, including the savory “Bocadillos” and gusty cake flavors. The island’s premier bakery has now over 70 different kinds of breads, pastries, and specials offered to their loyal island customers through their two outlets, stores and restaurants in San Pedro.

The new “Bocadillos” and cake flavors are made to order for folks who are celebrating that special occasion, office parties, or social gatherings. New cake flavors include the delectable Mocha, Chocolate Mousse, caramel Flan, and the classic Tres Leches. The Bocadillos include the tasty ham and cheese croissan’wiches and Tuna fish filled croissants. Of course, Casa Pan Dulce will also cater to their clients favorite “Bocadillos” and all customers need to do is ask when placing their orders.

“Our baking process also produces an Bakerassortment of delicious breads and pastries with the most exquisite taste,” Andre Perez, Casa Pan Dulce owner, told Ambergris Today. “Both our stores offer Mexican sweet breads like Caprichos and Ojaldras and other favorites such as cinnamon rolls, custard-filled donuts, glazed donuts, sesame buns, special white bread, decorated pastries, cakes for all occasions, lemon pies and cheesecakes. We are constantly adding specialties and new recipes to our line of products.”

Andre and Delia Perez have been operating Oventheir bakery on the island since its inception in November 22, 1999. At first, their business was known as La Popular Bakery, but the hard-working Perez’s decided to embark on their own unique venture and created Casa Pan Dulce. The bakery’s main outlet for San Pedro is located at the Boca del Rio area and is one of two stores that are currently being operated by the Perez family. The other smaller outlet is located at the corner of Buccaneer and Pescador drive.

PastriesThe bakery started with 5 employees and now has a total of 16 working for both stores. Located at the back of the main store is a 6 platform-revolving oven that is capable of producing 144 loaves of bread every 20 minutes. All the bread and pastries produced at the main outlet are made with the highest quality grade flour, which before being baked is processed first through a Refinery Dough Machine.

“I’m very proud to be a part of this small industry for the town of San Pedro,” commented Andre Perez. “I want to thank the island community for their support and will continue working hard to keep San Pedro’s support and to continue offering our clients the best in breads and pastries.”

While most folks are sleeping at 2 a.m., the highly-motivated bakery staff of Casa Pan Dulce starts work, diligently and skillfully producing bread and pastries, which are not only high-grade quality but also competitively priced. So enjoy your daily bread and pastries at Casa Pan Dulce or the various outlets that carry the brand name of delicious bread and pastries.

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1.Stacks of fresh-baked bread.
2. Baker prepares delicious pastries.
3. The giant 6-platform revolving oven.
4. Pastries from start to finish.

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