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So Halloween is coming and no one is ever too old to celebrate and join in on the fun! I sure hope everybody likes to participate, because Halloween is a very great way to get in character and enjoy spooking people. It’s not Halloween without great costumes and I know deciding on a great one is always a hard task, so I have some costume suggestions I think would really be good for Halloween this year. Happy Halloween everybody and Happy Spooking!

1: Slender man - He is from the hit computer game that is going viral all over the internet. He has a blank face and he wears a tuxedo. The game is now known as the scariest game ever!

Ryan’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

2: Bane from Batman – Okay! if you have seen the new batman movie you probably know this guy. Bane is the main antagonist in the new Batman movie. He has many different mutant powers and his look would make a great costume.

Ryan’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

3: Nicki Minaj - So this one is mostly for girls but I think a very brave guy could try this one. Nicki is the hit pop and rap star; she always has a different look and a unique style. She is well known over all over the world and would be a perfect costume because her looks are wild and crazy. Perfect for Halloween!

Ryan’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

4: Nerd Stereotype look – It’s always fun to dress up like a nerd. Boys and girls could both dress like this. You would also get a lot of attention if you act the part of a nerd too. Why not dress up as Henry Beclan from my YouTube show? Laughing

Ryan’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

5: Psy - You probably heard his hit song “Oppa Gangnam Style”! Why not dress up like this fun and crazy Korean dude. Psy’s song is now number one on most charts and is one of the Most Liked Video Ever on YouTube, taking out party rock anthem which was the original most liked video.

Ryan’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

Okay I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any ideas on a Halloween costume put it in the comments below. I will be sure to read them and I will also choose some of the comments to be featured in My Youtube Halloween Special Coming this Saturday on My Youtube Channel RyanMediaCentral XD.

Happy Halloween!

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