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Lieutenant Alma Pinelo of the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) is attended the 2nd annual Seminar on military gender perspective which is being held in Washington, D.C. from 7th to 9th March 2017.

This Seminar was held under the theme "Peace and Security from a Gender Perspective: A Political and Strategic Vision" and is organized by the Inter-American Defense College (IADC) and the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies (ANEPE). It aims to contribute to this effort based on the experience and commitment of both these institutions, and by promoting Resolution 1325 (UNSC), on Women, Peace and Security.
Belize Coast Guard Lieutenant Alma Pinelo Attends Gender Perspective Seminar

During the Seminar, the regional military organizations hope to advance these efforts by generating a document that contains the best practices to achieve a greater integration of the women in the Armed Forces and Security in the Hemisphere from a political and strategic vision.  

"I take this opportunity to leave you all this message, stated Pinelo on a Facebook Post to the women of the Belize Coast Guard. "The theme for this year is " Be bold for change"' and I couldn't think of a more fitting theme for us. Be bold to inspire other young girls in situations not as fortunate as yours. Be tenacious in your daily endeavors where you may be faced with challenges your male counterparts do not endure. May you always have the strength and fortitude to be a better you. I have a feeling 2017 will be a great year for us! As always I keep my promise to look out for all of you and continue pave pathways for current and future women of the Belize Coast Guard. Happy International Woman's Day! Feliz Día Internacional de la Mujer! " - LTJG A. Pinelo

Lt. Pinelo makes representation on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, which includes the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and the Belize Coast Guard. Belize also participated in the first Seminar which was held last year from 7th to 11th March 2016.

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