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A Rastafari Culture exhibit opened on January 25, 2017, in San Pedro, in commemoration of Bob Marley as his date of birth nears. The San Pedro House of Culture was happy to assist those who come together to celebrate and showcase the Rastafari history and its influence to Belize.

Not many people know, but the Rastafari Culture is actually a religion that was developed by Marcus Gravey in Jamaica in the 1930’s in honor of Haile Selassie. Haile was crowned King of Ethiopia right before the Rastafari culture was developed. Haile Selassie’s real name was “Ras Tafari Makonneen” this is where the name Rastafari comes from.

Rastafari members looked at Selassie as their God, the one who will return to them especially the ones who live in exile as a result of slave trade and colonization. The Rastafari movement began with the teachings of Marcus Gravey. Marcus urged Africans to be proud of their race for they are the true Israelites and have been taken for slave trade as an act of divine punishment. 

Bob Marley is the biggest Rastafari that is well known worldwide. He became a Rastafari in 1966, he grew dreadlocks, adopted marijuana as a sacred sacrament and is said that in each of his performances he proclaims divinity to Jah Rastafari. He brought both reggae and Rasta to international attention as reggae is connected to Rastafari and his lyrics often spoke of oppression, poverty, slavery and human rights.

Bob’s most religious works include tracks such as “Redemption Song” and “Forever Loving Jah.” He passed away in 1977 due to caner.

San Pedro’s Tribute to Bob Marley Concert takes place on February 4 and 5 starting at 11a.m. to 2a.m & 11a.m. to midnight, respectively at Central Park. The event is organized by IRIE Belize and the San Pedro House of Culture.

Rastafari Culture Exhibit and Bob Marley Tribute

Rastafarai Culture Opens and Celebration Commenses

Rastafarai Culture Opens and Celebration Commenses

Rastafarai Culture Opens and Celebration Commenses

Rastafarai Culture Opens and Celebration CommensesRastafarai Culture Opens and Celebration Commenses

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