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“Election day is getting closer and we are excite to announce this manifesto to the public,” commented United Democratic Party Mayoral Candidate Daniel Guerrero in a small press conference held on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

With much confidence that the UDP team will regain the offices of the San Pedro Town Council for another three years, Mayor Guerrero and his UDP candidates proudly presented their 2015-2018 Manifesto.

“We are ready for the game, we are ready to com out, the victory is already on and it is look very good for the United Democratic Party,” continued Daniel Guerrero. “The manifesto highlights a continuation of projects that have already started, but also on new projects that will kick in. It is our guideline to projects that the UDP has promised to work on for the island of Ambergris Caye.  I can tell you that we are on the right track, we are working very hard and people are seeing the results and we are going to get a good passing grade on March 4th, election day.”

San Pedro UDP Feel Strong About Manifesto 2015-2018

Mayor Daniel Guerrero indicated that there are three main areas that the UDP Manifesto puts emphasis on which include:

*Enhancing the community and improving quality of life
*Ensuring efficient service delivery
*Building a safe and healthy community

The manifesto also highlights various accomplishments that were listed in the party’s last manifesto. Mayor Guerrero explained that the major concerns from the community, which they are made aware of during their house to house campaign visits, include Education, Crime and Health. These, he said, are of major concern for the party and are top priority on the list. The UDP is already promising a new primary school for the island, more sporting and recreational facilities, a new hospital and new morgue.

“The beauty of this administration is that we are concentrated in working, providing and serving the people on a positive manner,” stated Daniel Guerrero. “And the more we do, the more people get excited out there; when we go on our home visits the people are very excited to see us.”

UDP Area Representative for Belize Rural South, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. (Minister of Tourism) is also very confident with the UDP team running for municipal elections in San Pedro Town and commends the team for a great manifesto.

“This is a well put manifesto, it talks about the good things that have been done and what are the plans for the future. I believe that Mayor Danny has really done a fantastic job, particularly when it comes to infrastructure. The beauty with this Mayor is that we have been able to sit down, dialogue and make sure that we plan well and executed well.

I believe that this past couple year we have seen more progress that has ever been done before and for that reason I believe that the spirit of the UDP is high, the voters of the island feel very confident and are so loving to this party.”

The UDP has secured office for 12 consecutive years in the San Pedro Town Council and is positive that it will win the upcoming elections to add another three years to their service to the community. Manuel Heredia attributes this to their effective and fast service to the constituency.

San Pedro UDP Feel Strong About Manifesto 2015-2018

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San Pedro UDP Feel Strong About Manifesto 2015-2018

San Pedro UDP Feel Strong About Manifesto 2015-2018

San Pedro UDP Feel Strong About Manifesto 2015-2018

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