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Commencing Monday, January 4, 2016, all dog owners are being required to vaccinate dogs four (4) months and older against Rabies and licensed with the San Pedro Town Council. This new initiative is being carried out by the San Pedro Town Council and Saga Humane Society in order to reduce the number of stay dogs on the streets of Ambergris Caye.

The stray dog population has been a problem on the island and drastic and inhumane measures such as poison eradications had been conducted in the past, something Saga has shunned upon. Irresponsible dog ownership can be pointed out as a main factor for the stray dog problem and with this new initiative, it is expected to turn around the situation.

Saga Humane Society indicates that Rabies vaccinations are a prerequisite for licensing dogs, and are available at the Society for $30. No cost vaccinations are available to those in need.

The dog registration regulations are being implemented under the order of the BELIZE DOGS ACT CHAPTER 153 REVISED EDITION 2000 and the San Pedro Town Dog Control Orders of 2012. All dogs must be leashed and have a proper and humane collar with a San Pedro Town Council Annual License for identification. 

New Dog Registration & Restraining Laws Set to Control Stray Dog Population

Dogs must be restrained on private property by a fence, tether, or leash, in a humane manner. Dog owners are required to keep their dog on a leash and under their immediate control any time the dog is taken off their property and into public.

No owner of a dog shall permit that dog to be at large in any street or place of public resort or within San Pedro Town and Ambergris Caye and any person who contravenes this section is guilty of an offence and is, on summary conviction, liable to a fine of $100.

San Pedro Town Council shall keep a separate register showing the name, occupation and place of abode of each person to whom they issue a dog license, and the number of dogs they are licensed to keep by such license. There is an annual fee of $5.00 per dog per year.

The public will have until January 31st to register their dogs.

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