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Residents of the Boca Del Rio Area are upset and disgusted by the messy situation that has been going on in their area. Bags and bags of garbage are being piled up in the shoreline of Boca Del Rio Area and left there for up to three days until the garbage truck picks it up.

According to a concerned resident, the garbage is being brought from north Ambergris Caye and is being dumped along the shoreline in an area where children used to play and swim. The garbage is left there for days and stray dogs and cats tear into the bags and garbage spills into the street and lagoon.

Residents of the area are not only upset for having to smell and see the disgusting garbage in the area, but are extremely concerned of health issues that are arising due to the messy conditions. They claim that more flies are infesting the neighborhood and causing severe allergic reactions to some of the children.  

A Messy Situation at Boca Del Rio Area

San Pedro Mayor, Daniel Guerrero, explains that the San Pedro Town Council is in charge of garbage collection from Palapa Bar (in the Tres Cocos area) and down to the bridge. He indicated that there is a private business that collects trash from homes and resorts further up in the north of the island and barges it down to town where garbage truck pick up and transport to the dump site. Mayor Guerrero was not aware that this was happening at the lagoon-side of the Boca del Rio.

Mayor Danny stated that the San Pedro Town Council will take necessary measures to ensure that this stops and conduct inspections so as to identify who is carrying out these illegal dumping of garbage. The Council has been working very hard in keeping the community safe and clean and is constantly carrying out clean up campaigns at different areas of the island. The Town Council has even implemented a system and schedule as to how garbage will be picked up throughout the course of the week at different areas so as to maintain order and to have the island looking spick and span.

The general public is asked to report any similar incidents such as this one to the San Pedro Town Council so that matters can be dealt with accordingly and in a timely manner. The phone number for the SPTC Office is 226-2198.

A Messy Situation at Boca Del Rio Area

A Messy Situation at Boca Del Rio Area

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