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Travel around the world with your DigiCell PrePaid phone for less!

Press Release - As of Friday, June 13, 2014, DigiCell PrePaid customers can enjoy the freedom of using DigiCell’s Voice Roaming service in over 30 countries around the world. We are also thrilled to introduce lowered voice roaming rates which will be enjoyed by both postpaid and prepaid customers. So talk it up when you travel and stay in touch!

International Roaming lets you stay in touch with friends, family and business associates when traveling abroad using your DigiCell phone.  Our PostPaid customers have been enjoying this service since 2003 to over 200 countries worldwide. Prepaid customers can now join the roaming family by being able to make and receive calls and text messages in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe to name a few, at the lowest roaming rates.  Expansion to other parts of the world will be rolled out soon.

To activate or deactivate this feature just send the message “Roam On” or “Roam Off” to the number 777 before leaving the country and upon reentering.  In either case, you will receive a confirmation text and will be prompted to reply with “C” to confirm.  Please be reminded that you must be in Belize and still connected to BTL’s Network to activate or deactivate this service.

The great news is, the activation and deactivation texts are free of cost and there is no subscription fee. Please note that all charges for both voice calls and text messages initiated while roaming will be deducted from your Prepaid Primary Balance.

For more information on DigiCell’s Voice Roaming service for both PrePaid and PostPaid customers, visit to find a list of the countries you can roam in and the new lowered rates of the carriers in each of these countries.  Visit any of our Customer Service Centers countrywide to pick up a copy of DigiCell’s Roaming Guide for facts and tips on DigiCell’s Voice Roaming.

Thank you for choosing DigiCell, your premier mobile communications provider now taking its PrePaid and PostPaid customers around the world with even lower rates.

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