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The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce the release of its “Discover How To Be” video.  The video, which was officially launched at the BTB’s 12th Annual Industry Presentation in January, is a part of the BTB’s rebranding that took place earlier this year.

Alyssa Carnegie, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations commented, “We are extremely proud to share the “Discover How To Be” video with Belize and our visitors.  We strongly believe that this captures the essence of what Belize is all about- what we are as a destination. The images are authentic, unaltered and profound. Coupled with Aurelio Martinez’s Santo Negro, the video will certainly resonate with Belizeans and pique the interest of travelers.”

Click below to view video which is also available on all of BTB’s social media sites, and is now on the website .

“Discover How To Be” Belize Video Released

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