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Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Now check this out! The Sir Barry Bowen Bridge will be closed for the next two weeks as repairs are being conducted on the corroded walkways and road sections. But the bridge has become a much needed infrastructure for the residents of North Ambergris Caye that two weeks could mean much loss of revenue for some businesses.

Come the ingenious temporary ferry – Since the bridge completely made the ferry service obsolete, here comes a group of entrepreneurs that is bringing back the service while the bridge is temporarily out of service.

It is not a large floating platform that can carry four golf carts at a time like the old ferry, but this one can carry one golf cart at a time across the Boca del Rio cut. If you really need to get across the split for business or pleasure, these gentlemen can get you across for $5.00! Don’t know if the Town Council applauds this initiative, but we do. Cool, ain’t it? Cross at your own risk!

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New Ferry Service at Boca del Rio While Bridge is Closed

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