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Reggaeton artist Chami-ka has just released this week a new music video to his hit single “Lo Que Siento Por Ti” in which he features guest singer Melonie Gillett singing in Spanish. This song, which was released as a single on January 29th, 2013 has been a hit on all radio stations in Belize and several in Central America. 

Melonie Gillett and Chami-Ka visited Placencia in February where the video shoot took place, primarily at Robert's Grove Beach Resort. Other location shoots included that of Caves Branch Outpost with caWith just a few more shots left to do at Caves Branch Outpost.

Chami-Ka and Melonie Gillett performed live at Robert’s Grove on Saturday, March 2 and were backed up by Ascenthium, Trecia Gabourel, Chanelle Parks and the Wamalali Drummers. The video was directed by Melonie Gillett, and filmed and edited by Juan Reyes.

Chami-Ka, the popular reggaeton artist hailing from Las Flores, Belmopan and Melonie Gillett, Belize's most talented female artist, have both set the bar with their dynamic music and innovative music videos. They have received a number of awards, including, Best Music Video Award, Music Video of the Year and Best Female Music Video, just to name a few. Their videos also receive regular air-time in Honduras on TeleCeiba, and internationally via television, as well as online.

Chami-Ka & Melonie Gillett Shoot Exotic Music Video for Reggaeton Hit

Chami-Ka & Melonie Gillett Shoot Exotic Music Video for Reggaeton Hit
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