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The complaints in San Pedro have mostly been about terrible conditions of streets, and dust and poor beaches and dirty areas, but lately they have been about bars.  The complaints are about noise pollution in some bars that are not sound proof, late opening hours and lately also the fact that prostitution is rampant and blatant in many bars on the island.

One caller to the  radio morning show lamented: “I am disgusted that I am taking my children to school in the morning and we bump into these three prostitutes, half naked and drunk making a dirty scene right in front of their bar. My children have to put up with this and I must give explanations to them.”

“But this and many other irregularities are going to stop,” said Jennie Staines, Chairperson of the San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board. She explained that the committee, which includes the Mayor, is going to make some dramatic changes to solve these problems that have been plaguing San Pedro for ages.

“People will get mad at me, but I will do what the law and the act stipulate,” she added.  According to Jennie, the Liquor Licensing Board will demand that all bars with loud music systems be sound proof or they will be shut down if they do not comply. They will also see to it that not all bars repeatedly get extensions to open to very late hours. All bars must close down at midnight as is the law. Extension permits are a privilege and will be issued on special occasions, but not an automatic and constant procedure.  

As to the issue of widespread prostitution, Jennie explained that the committee will need the cooperation of the community and neighborhoods where these brothels are located. They are asking for letters with neighborhood signatures be submitted to the Board. Of course, the issue must be proven and that will be a matter to be taken by the Licensing Board.

And to prove that they are dead serious, Jennie and the Board have issued a release informing all grocery stores and supermarkets that hold liquor licenses that they shall NOT be allowed to open for business on Good Friday. Restaurants may open for that day, but they shall not be allowed to serve liquor to any patrons. Failure to comply with the law and this request shall result in closure of the business license.

On Good Friday all discotheques, night clubs and liquor establishments shall remain closed and only open for business until 9p.m. Again failure to comply will carry stiff penalties. Jennie claims that already she is not a popular person with some of the business establishments, but she is determined to make things right now. The positive news is that the San Pedro citizenry is in full support of Jennie and her committee. Hopefully we will get things right this time around.

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    Get over yourself and your prediction of "decline" tourist flow. They come here for the HOSPITALITY first...the BEAUTY second...not to DIRNK. And unlike US...tourists will NOT have a problem that grocery stores close down on good Friday...unlike US, they are going to by all their rum and grocery on are just making a storm from a glass of water...and its THE LAW. Bout time the Town council did something right. BTW you voted them in TO DO THEIR JOB. So there!

    I aint UDP but I am happy that Jennie is taking a stand. SHe wasn't elected, but the people YOU elected PUT HER THERE.

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    How will business loose money if all stores close, which at the end it didn't??? Tourist will prepare form thursday and so will the residents! Kudos to the Liquor License!!!!!

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    If people would learn the laws of the country and abide by them, we would not be faced with this "problem"! the liquor licensing act clearly states that no alcohol should be sold on Good Friday...This is not something that the liquor licensing board just came up with out of a whim...its in black and that no one had enforced it before is a shame...If you just google the Liqour licensing act of belize and take the time to will realize that it has always been there. Kudos to the Liquor Licensing Board.

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    Take time to read the Liquor license Act - click on the link below


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    I totally support this law.  Regardless of religion and religious belief we are all sons of God and we need to respect this important day and most of all celebrate his resurection on Sunday.  This is what Easter mean.  Its does not mean only come for vacation, sun burn, get drunk and be a total stranger to our creator.   Tourist come from more developed and civilized nations and they know that in their countries this laws are also placed in force.   If shops that sell liquor are asked to close they won't go bankrupt.   These business only think dollar signs.    Not to go hungry and thirsty do your shopping from Thursday.

    Thumbs up for the Liquor Licensing Board.




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    MR.JENNI should see the new HOOKER house in town LA MANSION...i went to take a peek in yesterday common like 15 girls...thanks for giving a license to a bar that will bring much diseas to the island....

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    th world would be a better place without alcohol

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    This post actually made my day. You cann't imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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