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Prince Harry had a very Belizean welcome, which was the perfect start to his diamond jubilee tour. He arrived in Belize on Friday, March 2, very proper, serious, well-suited and elegant but eventually captured the essence of the country and changed his demeanor to a more casual and festive one.

Belize threw HRH Prince Harry a welcome party that he will not forget in a long while as he celebrated with the multi-cultured people of the country, which included dancing alongside the Governor General of Belize the Garifuna Jankanoo, sipping down some delicious hibiscus punch with the Creole and taking back a shot of ceviche with the Meztizo. And he also sampled a cold Belikin beer.

This all took place at the capital city of Belmopan where a special ceremony took place to rename Cohone Walk to the Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard at the Diamond Block Party. Prince Harry unveiled a plaque at the street's entrance to commemorate the event and then proceeded to celebrate down the street party along with hundreds of Belizeans who attended the event to get a glimpse of him.

His Belize adventure continues today with an adventurous tour of the Maya archaeological site of Xunantunich.  Ambergris Today will have complete coverage of the Prince's visit to Belize with updates on our Facebook page.  

(Headline Picture by JC Cuellar)

Prince Harry "Gets Down" In Belize

Prince Harry "Gets Down" In Belize

Prince Harry "Gets Down" In Belize

Prince Harry "Gets Down" In Belize

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Dorian Nuñez


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    oh….isnt he so warm and cuddly……well…. lets not forget … he may , some day , run the despot monarchy empire, that still holds belize on it’s knees….
    while many belizean children have little to eat…gob spends large…to welcome this fledgling despot…while he scouts out his future domain !

    ''WELCOME''...IS  NOT  THE  PHRASE   I'D  BE  USING....!!!

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    We should be happy that the Queen chose Belize as one of the countries celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and sending her grandson, Prince Henry, to represent her. We are independent but still a part of the British Commonwealth.

    Your comment insinuates a devisive language which does not lead to harmony; most Belizeans love harmony and welcomed Prince Harry to our beautiful country and hope he can visit again(as he suggested he would,someday,do on HIS OWN), bringing Belize more publicity and certainly be most profitable for tourism!

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    Great job on the coverage so far. Looking forward to seeing all the pics from today! -- Erin 

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    Great job as always! Im so proud of you Dor & the whole family at Ambergris Today! Cant wait to read more- keep posting! Que viva Belize!

    Scar <3

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