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The San Pedro Roman Catholic School is San Pedro’s oldest educational institution and has been operating since the 1920’s. The current building which still stands on the school ground was built in 1963 and gradually as years go by more classrooms are added since the school has an increased enrollment every year

Even though the school has an enrollment of over 900 students yearly there is still a huge problem in the area that children are still out of school because of lack of space. The new San Pedro Town Council was presented with a wish list during the school visits and the school also presented a wish list to kind donors and owners of Canary Cove.

In January of this year owners of Canary Cove donated a new picnic area (palapa) for the school as the previous one was mischievously burnt down over the Christmas holidays of 2011. Canary Cove also restored the bathroom facilities in the school ground.

This week Ambergris Today met with Canary Cove Representative, Mr. Gil Nuñez and Councilor Gaby Nuñez to learn a bit more about a new project for the school which has commenced and is being done by Canary Cove in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council.

“A wish list was presented to both the San Pedro Town Council and the owners of Canary Cove and we will be working together to bring some much needed changes and repairs for the school,” commented Councilor Gaby Nuñez.

There will be an addition of three new classrooms which will be built alongside the five-a-side complex. Each classroom will measure 24 x 24 will have high roofing and vent fans, two windows and an entrance and exit.

Work Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCS

Area where the new classrooms will be built

Additional repairs that will be undergoing at the San Pedro RC School are that of fixing up the five-a-side court fence and fixing up the five-a-side bathrooms, converting a building that has two small classrooms to a one classroom building, repairing of the flooring of the building used for the infant classes and connecting the bathrooms in the compound to proper sewage system.

Work for the new classrooms has begun and is expected to be done by September 3, 2012, when classes resume. Owners of Canary Cove also committed to building an additional picnic area for the school and to see to the fixture of all lights and fans in all classrooms and even a new paint job for the entire school.

Much thanks to the owners of Canary Coves for having the children of this community at heart and to the San Pedro Town Council that is supervising the repairs for the school.

Work Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCSWork Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCSWork Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCSWork Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCSWork Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCSWork Commences on New Classrooms for SPRCS

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