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The Elections and Boundaries Department of Belize has been made aware of possible irregularities in the San Pedro Office after United Democratic Party’s councilor candidate Severo Guerrero Jr. was found using the department’s computer after working hours with pen and paper in hand on Tuesday, January 17, 2012.

Issues of possible misappropriating information, unethically tampering with and altering data have been raised by representatives of the People’s United Party, the Vision Inspired by the People party and Independent Mayoral Candidate Melanie Paz to the Elections and Boundaries Office.

Milo Paz, Chairman of the PUP in San Pedro commented to Ambergris Today that his party filed an official police report to ensure that there was a record of the incident occurring and that the Central PUP Party had filed a complaint to the Election and Boundaries Office. Both Bobby Lopez and Melanie Paz also expressed their shock about the incident and demand answers.

The People’s United Party outlined that the master list is the national voters database in which the Elections and Boundaries office is tasked with the job of manipulating the database which allows transfers of votes, new votes on the island and controls all registered voters in Belize Rural South and the entire country of Belize.

According to the PUP, having access to the database, Mr. Severo Guerrero Jr. had access to transferring voters from one constituency to another (transfer a competitor's vote from one constituency to another), adding new voters to a constituency and manipulate files without authorization. What Mr. Guerrero was doing on the computer is yet to be determined through investigations to be held by the Elections and Boundaries.

According to media reports in Belize City, Chief Elections Officer in Belize City, Josephine Tamai stated that the Elections and Boundaries Department takes these allegations seriously and has since launched an investigation into the matter. Mariliee Squires, who works at the office in San Pedro has been temporarily moved to the Central Office so they can facilitate the investigation.

UDP Scandal Severo Guerrero

UDP Scandal Severo Guerrero

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    What I would also like to know is who caught candidate Severo Guerrero, and what that person was also doing in the office that late at night? This is not to get carried away from the real issue at hand. It is sad to see how desperate these politicians are, from both parties! It is completely disappointing to see the extent to which poiliticians will go to secure votes! 

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    What Severito did was totally wrong but this is what these politicians are doing, I am taking about the UDP & PUP. They do whatever it takes to get votes and they have to understand it is not about how many people you get in to vote for you. People that do not even live in this island permanently are getting paid or offered personal favors and getting their votes transfer and deciding who will run the affairs of us the people that live here, come on!!!!  Every district have their representatives, so have every person vote where they live, where they have their permanent resident not just because they work here you will decide for the people that live here!  Love you island, severito and the rest of you. People that love their island and want the betterment of the island dont really have to run for any party. We have to make sure that our servants do what is right!!! Once they are elected they forget about that they were put in there to do! That is a full time joband if you are not capable then you should get fired and have the person with the votes close to you hired!!!! He has proven himself and we can not let this person run for office!!

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    MEL PAZ for MAYOR....

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    Mel is the change we need!

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    What is WORSE is that Severito is runningn for the FIRST TIME! He is not even IN office yet!!! if this is the way he is handling business noe can you IMAGINE the corruption that he will bring to the town council if he is elected? My God, i can only PRAY that this community votes the right way..Enough with this COLOR BS, (sorry for the word guys) But thats what it is! ENOUGH - if we want change we have to be brave and make it happen. I was willing to give this young man a chance but ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS - and in politics ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN CAMPAIGN SPEECHES - As far as I have seen this young man is not ready for the respobsiblity...The PUP should not be rejoicing either caz we make mistakes. They better watch their back too.

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    Anyone can make allegations and assume but it doesn't necessarily make it true. People can sometimes get carried away and immediately try to scrutinize the situation and add more to the story. Not defending anybody but I think its best to find out what really happened than going about jumping to conclusions.

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    I work and live on the island but I dont vote for this constituency and thank the Lord for that... Nowadays, they are all hungry for power and authority! How in this world will a dentist be helping to fix a computer?? what kind of crap is that? And as to the individual above who said enough with the colors, Kudos! enough with the colors... vote for the people who will make this island better, for the persons who have a genuine interest in uplifting this community... Not for the individuals who will allow their relatives to do as their please cause they are in power, or who will break laws and make changes to the island without the people's opinions... weigh your options and vote for the betterment of our island... even if the votes are shared among the parties!

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    con mucho respeto para los que han comentado: creo que es imposible afirmar un hecho con tan solo fotografias; han realizado ya un juicio y sentenciado a severito sin saber realmente que hacia en ese computer, es importante no dejarse llevar por una nota realizada solo fotografias, sabemos que vienen tiempos de elections y los partidos contrarios haran todo por dejar mal al opositor, en verdad creo que hay que votar por la persona no por los colores y sabemos que severito es un profesional, con una carrera profesional terminada y que puede hacer mucho por mi bella isla. no nos dejemos llevar por una nota en la cual claramente se demuestra querer dejar mal a severito!!!

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    Con todo respeto, si no hacia nada malo porque no da la carra y afirma  que hacia en esa offficina! Estoy muy de acuerdo que hay que votar para la persona y Severo ha demostrado que no es la persona adecuada para representar a esta isla! Si el fuera "profesional" debreia haber usado su "profesionalismo" y realizar que no era adecuado ir a esa officia especialmente si esta corriendo en estas elecciones. Preguntense...siento un destista professional porque meterse en las elecciones????? El deberia dar el ejemplo!!! Mucho OJO!!!!!!!

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