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One person is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical state after sustaining head injuries in a road traffic accident which occurred on Monday, January 16, 2012, at the intersection of the Escalante Subdivision, South of San Pedro Town.

According to San Pedro Police, they arrived at the scene of the accident on Seagrape Drive and intersection of Escalante entrance, South of San Pedro Town to find a white four-door Jeep parked in the middle of the street and a green male beach cruiser bicycle lying on the ground.

Investigations revealed that 35-year-old, Maribel Marin, Belizean Businesswoman of Mosquito Coast Area was driving her white Jeep and travelling in a southerly direction when a male travelling the opposite direction (north bound) collided into her vehicle and fell to the ground. She was immediately assisted by passers-by who took the male person to the Dr. Otto Poly Clinic for medical attention.

The person was identified to be 48-year-old, Jose Roberto Lazo, Honduran National of Mosquito Coast Area. Lazo was in an unconscious and non-responsive state and had to be airlifted to Belize City for urgent medical attention due to the massive head injuries he sustained.

The matter is still under investigation and Maribel Marin has been served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution by San Pedro Police.

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    This is the problem we have with bicycle riders.  They don't respect traffic signs and get into the way of motor vehicles.  Proper investigation needs to be done becuase it not all the time the motor vehicle driver's fault.  It has happen to me several time but fortunately i haven't hurt anyone.   The traffic department needs to monitor this and also apply traffic rule for bike riders.  

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    The solution is simple, get these vehicle out of SP.  In these narrowing streets there is no space for a car, a cab, a bike, plus vendors and walkers-by.  That is the problem too many huge vehicle in SP.  Get them out!

    Don't use excuses, the driver of the motor vehicle should alway be alert!  There is no way pedestrians or riders can be monitored how they walk or ride the streets.  Then what? jaywalking tickets will be issued, what a joke!


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    I agree a 100% percent.  Most of the time its not the driver, but must state that something has to be done about those under the influence.


    Be it a pedestrian or someone riding a bike or driving a car.  Pick up any one under the influence and lock them up till they are sober.  We would avoid so many accidents, doemestic volence or street and bar fights.  I ask the the police and traffic officers to be more on the alert with those driving golfcarts with drinks in there hands,and must also say its not only the golf cart drivers, I can pin point on them because its open and obvious but there are those in there closed up vehicle doing the same.


    Please if i see them and i rarely go anywhere how come those in authority being on duty dont see it.  Stop covering the sun with one finger it doesn't work. Those on duty are not here for popularity contest and see who likes them the most.  They are given and assignment and it is expected for them to do there job, and if they can't do it then they dont have the capacity for the position, get someone who will do it.

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