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Very nasty rumors are circulating around town that Yakarelis Hernandez has been stripped of her title as Miss San Pedro 2011-2012. Chatter on the street from foul mouths and even malicious websites are stating that Miss San Pedro has been ‘derelict in her duties’ and has been asked to hand back her crown and monies/prizes won at the Miss San Pedro Pageant.

“Clearly this is misconstrued information that has been posted online and spread as bad rumors,” commented San Pedro Town Administrator Patty Tillett who is in charge of the Miss San Pedro Pageant Committee at the moment.

Mrs. Tillett confirmed to Ambergris Today that Miss San Pedro Yakarelis Hernandez has not broken any rules or done anything wrong to be stripped of her title. Being a recent graduate of San Pedro High School, upon winning the title, Yakarelis had indicated that she would take a year off from her interest in furthering her studies abroad in order to honor her duties as Miss San Pedro. But most recently an opportunity arose where Yakarelis and her family have made the decision for her to commence her studies abroad, immediately. Yakaralis is currently out of the country.

According to Tillett, Yakarelis’ pursuit of her studies away from San Pedro merits no stripping of her title as Miss San Pedro and she has been doing great in representing San Pedro as our beauty ambassador. A decision as to what the Miss San Pedro Committee will take towards Yakarelis’ absence will be decided this week once the committee meets. The obvious decision should be for the first runner up of the pageant to assume the responsibilities of Miss San Pedro during her absence. Ambergris Today will keep its readers posted as we expect an official press release on the decision made by the committee.

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    Those are some horrible rumours! Shame on the one who started it!

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    That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Miss San Pedro, Yakarelis Hernandez! Keep Up The Good Work!

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    seriously if people continue acting that way, NO VAY A LLEGAR EN NINGUN LADO ! honestly se Pasan. && if there is nothing constructive to say, CALLADITOS SE VEN MAS BONITOS!!

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    I agree with Mrs. Tillett, Yakarelis has been doing a wonderful job representing San Pedro as its beauty ambassador!! She goes above and beyond the call of duty and never gives no for an answer.  As usual, gossip in town is king.

    Best wishes to Yakarelis in her educational endeavour!

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    Furthering your studies to prepare for one's carreer is a most honorable thing to do.  There is nothing derelect nor dishonorable about that.  The one who posted malicious rumors should do the honorable thing- go to school.

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    and who are the retards who started this rumour and are maliciously spreading it ? why give them the benefit of anonymousity - they should be publicly shammed!

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    Si esta persona que saco es rumores se siente bien envidioso (a) ya que la muchachita esta haciendo su trabajo de Miss San Pedro, pero recueren que eso solo es un ano en cambio sus estudios sera para toda su vida. ESTE RUMOR VA HACER QUE YA NO HAY GA MAS MISS SAN PEDRO Y ESO RUMORES NO VA HACER QUE LAS MUCHACHITAS JOVENES QUIERAN PARTICIPAR.

    Pues no dejes que los rumores te fasitien sigue adelante y muestrales a todos que tu puedes hacer muchas cosas bonitas para tu isla bonita, y que te vaya muy bien en tus estudios.

    sin mas


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    i think that she wants to be some one in life and its not like if she will left her work of being miss sanpedro she will still do her work. people cant understand that she went to take a chors to see if she can study at the school she went. people just like HATE !!

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    As usual, people and their stupidity...nothing better to do but to start "chismes", everytime things happen like this, the people who do these things make the town look, sorry for the word, STUPID. I mean don't you guys have nothing better to do than to be interferring in other people's lives... Buscan also que hacer en vez de estar hablando y haciendo babosada...Again, San Pedro looking bad for the nosy people on the island... Mind your own business people!!!! What can't you understand from that?!!


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