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The official inauguration of the San Pedro Town Clock was originally set up for New Year’s Eve but due to the inclement weather it was moved to this past Friday, January 6, 2012.

Mayor Elsa Paz delivered the welcome address to those in attendance and thanked Mr. Headrick and Ramon’s Village for helping in making this a reality. Mr. Ramon Nuñez of Ramon’s Village was the guest speaker for the evening and delivered a short speech. Minister Heredia was also present for this occasion and stated that he was very grateful that one of the pioneers in tourism helped in building this landmark for the Town of San Pedro.

Mayor Paz, Mr. Ramon Nuñez and Hon. Heredia conducted the ribbon cutting to officially inaugurate the Town Clock. Rev. Father Arturo Añonuevo blessed the town clock after which Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero delivered the vote of thanks.

Those in attendance were given free raffle tickets as a mini refrigerator, a stove and washing machine were raffled after the official inauguration took place. To end the ceremony the public was treated to a spectacular firework display.

Mayor Paz delivers the Welcome AddressRamon Nuñez - Guest Speaker for the EveningHon. Manuel Heredia addresses the crowdTown Clock Inaugurated with FireworksRibbon Cutting by Mayor Paz, Mr. Ramon Nuñez and Hon. HerediaTown Clock Inaugurated with FireworksRev. Father Arturo Añonuevo blessed the town clock

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    I still don't understand why the street is closed. I thought it was supposed to alliviate traffic...

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    This clock idea was the worst of 2011.  Would it be cheaper in the long run to spend money to take it off and go back to the way it was which was the logical way.  This mayor has got to go, if a decision as simple as this cannot be made then it concludes that we need some one with better capabilities and judgement.

    Time for a change in San Pedro!!!

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    Instead of building a clock in 2011 they should've consider in at least paving the streets all the way to San Pedrito because everytime it rains the streets back there look very bad and people can't get no way into or out of San Pedrito!! Dump idea San Pedro Town Council ..... hope things changes this year! Although they do promises and ends up the same way as other times with past mayors

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    somebaddy  gatta  be  impeached

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    People and their Negativity as alwaysss!! 

    Get a Life!

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