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The tourism industry is in turbid waters tonight as the high profile Director Of Tourism, Seleni Matus abruptly resigned this afternoon, and demitted office immediately.

According to reports, Matus tendered her resignation to the board of directors at 1:00, had a meeting with her staff this afternoon around 3:00 to notify them of her departure, and by 4:00 pm she had packed up and left.

It is sudden - and for the industry sort of like falling off the edge of a cliff as Matus had taken a bold, new and effective direction since she was hired in February of 2010 to resuscitate a flagging industry.

And while the sudden departure has shocked many - the truth is that Matus and her CEO Lindsey Garbutt have been at odds for months - as sources tell us, Garbutt was on a power play to strengthen his ministry by moving programmes and budgeting from the BTB - meaning that this, like everything else, is about money and who gets to decide how and where it is spent.

Seems that Garbutt - the political appointment - has won this battle, but the question of a loss for this vital industry is another matter - which will play out over the coming months.

In the meantime, the BTB Board has to scramble to find a replacement for Matus - presumably one that is equally high powered. But with political undercurrents swelling as election season draws near, and the BTB kitty so precious to behold, it will be interesting to see what direction the board takes.

News Source: 7News Belize  Read article on 7News Belize Here

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    Hmm.  Let me see.  Mr Santino Castillo was fired unceremoniously from the same post simply because he was outspoken about the lavish spending in the Ministry.  Along comes Ms Matus who apparently is highly qualified and resigns abruptly!  Both individuals are belizean citizens in good standing.  Having said this, it goes to say that something is definitely wrong in the Ministry of Tourism that these 2 people have seen with their very own eyes.

    Minister Heredia better start giving some concrete expalanations or else it could very well be that he is the problem!

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    Very Well said above.... we need explantion to the BTB funds. San Pedro have not benefited from any major projects. The project at the old foot ball field is money for a lending institution.

    HonorableMinister,  be honorable and explane or will you have to call in the Prime Minister to solve another of your problem as he have to be called in to solve all the other minister problems.

    He should run the country alone.... and get rid off all his incompitent ministers.


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    The BTB has been ineffective and inactive under Seleni and her departure is LONG overdue.  

    There were consistent lost opportunities served up to her on a platter, Bob Bounahra's World Series final table is just one glaring example.

    Where is the advertising to the millions of poker players learning of Belize for the first time?  Millions of people with disposable cash ready to spend in our country? Not to mention that there are hundreds of poker players in the USA who are looking for a new country to live so they can continue playing online poker.  All these opportunities are now lost.  We are too late to place the ads in Cardplayer, Bluff or on ESPN in time for the final table in November.  

    It's not like they were unaware of this.  They blatantly chose to ignore the opportunity.  A few thousand dollars in advertising would have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tourism and new resident dollars.  

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    It is too sad that two Directors of BTB have been displaced in the short time Heredia is there.  Clearly He is nothing there.  All the work and decisions come from the Board and CEO and the dictator Prime Minister.  Seleni Matus was doing a great job and Heredia allows her to be thrashed around!  Shameful .  Sooo what now?

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    What?  Seleni Matus gone?  Now who will write Junior Heredia'a speeches?  Come on Minister, put on your pants.

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    Ms. Seleni, apply for the Town Administrator position of San Pedro.  We would love to have you here and Heredia won't  be allowed to interfere.

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    Heredia is the problem....he hs no idea whta tourism should let others do what they know best.....your performnce so far "SUCKS" you have no clue to hancle tourism even aviation.....this is a joke of a delegate....

    Mr. Herredia you should step down and let thers prevail with Belize not drag dow to a 4th world country....also take the mayor Paz with you, we all know you are all on the take for what is good for your pockets.....


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