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Prime Minister Addresses Nation on Occasion of Independence - Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow has addressed the people of Belize on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Independence.  In his address, which ran for 45 minutes, Mr. Barrow said that 30 years after Independence, Belize’s democracy is strong and getting stronger.  The Prime Minister also addressed a number of national issues and made some big announcements.

The Prime Minister says cheaper internet is coming October 1st - 128K will only cost $49.99 and GOB will remove GST from internet bills. Also, cheaper phone rates are also coming on the way as well as more educational institutions being hooked up to the free internet in schools program. PM Barrow also stated that there will be no hikes in electricity bill and the country should expect lower electricity rates in the near future.

PM Barrow also stated that Monday, September 26, 2011, has been declared a national holiday for state funeral of Rt. Hon. George Price.

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Dorian Nuñez


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    being   robbed    for  less....for  a widely  known slow  just  criminal....thanks  for  next  to  nothing   dean

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    No one uses 128k anymore, BTL does not even offer it, what is he talking about.  We need them to offer more bandwidth 1MB minimum to 20 MB max to start.

    For education we need more careers to be offered in Belize so we dont have to go abroad.  We need course same as offered in the USA, Canada and UK.

    Tourisim is our strongest industry but we also need to focus on other fields such as Doctors, IT, Marketing, Journalism, Architects, etc.

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    agree with you. I currently have 28MB speed. if I ever go in Belize i can just imagine the internet so slow. 

    and yes Belize needs to focus on more careers. more courses.

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    Dean pleas help support the UNIBAM because we are your supporters. Invest in us!!!!

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    The government should also help support UNIBAM along with it's president to protect the rights of all those who are afraid to reveal their sexual orientation.

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    For those with UNIBAM, you don't need to get sexually aggresive in public with your sexual orientation. That is your private life. Lets keep private matters private for the sake of the children. It is the heterosexuals and the children that keeps the world going. They are the only ones that can ensure the future. You are just the present. 

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