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Microsoft search engine Bing brought a lot of attention to Ambergris Caye and Belize today as they featured an amazing photograph of our beautiful island on their home page on the eve of our Independence Day, September 21. It was a photograph by Michael Melford; an aerial picture of the southernmost tip of Ambergris Caye. The photograph is captivatingly beautiful and true to our clear and turquoise waters that surround Ambergris Caye.

But the photographic capture has many guessing as to where exactly this image was taken. Apparently, many have not seen this part of our island. Well Ambergris Today knows a bit of information about the photograph featured on Bing.

The area is known as the Siete Canales, or Seven Channels in English, that is located at the southernmost tip of the island. Those who have not appreciated enjoying the view by air as they fly into the island via the local airlines may have travelled along the channels with one of the water taxis, or out on a fishing trip.

The area is very active, a popular spot for fishing (flat fishing in particular). According to Abner Marin of Go Fish Belize, the channels are teeming with marine life and are great areas for sports fishing as well. The best thing is that the Siete Canales area is a protected marine area and part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (Zone C). It’s an excellent spot for spotting turtles and manatees!

Siete Canales, South Ambergris Caye

Siete Canales, South Ambergris Caye

Siete Canales, South Ambergris Caye

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    one  has to wonder  what   will be left  of  this  beautifull  area's   wildlife....after/if....   that  terrible  project...''southbeach'',  is  ever  completed.?

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    You can thank the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) for their HARD and constant work to bring awareness of such beauty and fragile eco-system on the south end of the island.  Over a year and half ago, ACCSD was able to work with GOB and SBB to remove the southern 145 acres which you are looking at in the last photo by the Boca Ciega Cut.  Of course, concession was for other property elsewhere.  But, this is intended to stay as Natures Nursery.  And, if you will also notice on the center right side of the photo, almost half of the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve is seen.   This is 7.57 acres plus another 10 acre buffer zone around it which, when this protected area is developed as an educational center and tourist destination, it will be preserved in it's natural state for all to learn from as well.  Jump in as a volunteer with these two groups anytime you can.  Contact Jan Brown, 662-2725 or

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    San Pedro is beautiful and the people are lovely! We have wonderful memories of our visits there! It will always be our favorite place to visit! 

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