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The San Pedro RC School received new marching band equipment just in time for the grand September Celebrations. Handing over this generous donation to the school was Hon. Manuel Heredia along with the UDP 7 team.

The Marching band set included snare drums, base drums and cymbals to name a few. The set cost a total of $5,000 and will be put into great use by the young children of San Pedro RC School.

Principal Roxannie Kay expressed her sincere gratitude to Hon. Heredia and the UDP team for their kind donation. She would also like to ask anyone who is willing to assist the children with the marching band to kindly contact her at the school’s office.

St. Peter’s Elementary School will also be receiving a set of marching band instruments.

Danny Guerrero and Councilor Nano Guerrero taking out the instruments to present to the students.Principal Kay handing over the instruments to the students.Councilor Nano Guerrero helping a student Students trying the equipment.Minister Heredia along with RC School StudentHon Heredia and UDP 7 team present marrching band equipment to SPRC StudentSPRCS receieves new marching band equipmentSPRCS receieves new marching band equipment

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    now that they recieved this whole new set of drums i think that they should now formaly become a real band and participate in the annual belize bandfest coming up next year and show that san pedro can something big in part of this bandfest this is my opinion because i would to see san pedro taking part in this event!!!

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    Where will the band fest be this year 2012?

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