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It will sit in the middle of the intersection of Barrier Reef Drive and Ambergris Street – the new clock tower that the San Pedro Town Council has already started working on. But what did not sit well with the residents of San Pedro was the fact that the clock tower is smack in the middle of front street!

What people thought was work on drainage or underground wires turned out to be the construction of the new clock tower; but nobody expected it there. Now that the news broke on the Reef Radio’s morning show, residents have started expressing their discontent with the location of the clock tower.

Ambergris Today consulted with Mayor Paz to get some more information on the matter.

*The construction of the project is final; work will continue as planned and the town clock will be done in a period of six weeks.

* It was the idea of the San Pedro Town Council to have the town clock placed in the middle of the street for two main reasons: (1) to alleviate speeding and (2) to stop heavy vehicles from passing on Barrier Reef Drive.

*The street measures 30 feet in width and the town clock base will measure 7ft x 7ft which will be located in the middle of the street leaving 11 ½ feet on both sides for vehicular flow.

*In regards to having made decisions without a public consultation Mayor Paz commented that, since it is a donation (from Ramon’s Village) and not a project funded by the San Pedro Town Council, no public consultation is needed.

*Mayor Paz told Ambergris Today that one of the conditions for the donation was to have it in the center of the street, if it is to be placed elsewhere then it would not be donated.

*The billboard display will be available for advertisements for town activities such as Costa Maya Festival Activities, September Celebration Schedule, etc. free of cost. If any other business would like to advertise on the billboard there will be advertising fees which would be paid to Ramon’s Village and not the Town Council.

*Ramon’s Village will be in charge of the maintenance of the Town Clock and of the electricity bill of the billboard. The San Pedro Town Council will pay the electricity bill of the clock.

*Utility companies have agreed to allow the town clock in the middle of the street and BWS has agreed to move their pipe lines and work around the town clock.

Construction started on Monday, October 24, 2011, with Graniel’s Construction setting ground work for the clock. The estimated completion time is six weeks, in which a town clock measuring seven square feet at the base and standing 21 feet 8 inches tall and elevated two feet shall be erected in the middle of the street.

And this is what does not sit well with residents. Here are some of the comments from them:

*Why in the middle of the street, they ask? Are we not trying to relief traffic congestion on our narrow streets already?
*What about access to the Fire Truck in case of emergencies?
*One taxi association is already congesting the park area and the clock does not seem to be in the proper place.
*The park is so big, why not somewhere in the park, like where the ‘fountain’ should have been?
*There will be some crazy driver crashing into it sometime or the other.

During the period of construction the street section from the Alijua building to Jaguars Temple will be blocked. With so much uproar from the community, only time will tell if Mayor Paz and the Town Council back off and reconsider the erection of a town clock in the middle of Barrier Reef Drive; we shall see what develops and keep our readers updated.

San Pedro Town ClockSan Pedro Town ClockSan Pedro Town ClockSan Pedro Town ClockSan Pedro Town ClockSan Pedro Town Clock

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    That makes NO sense in that location.....

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    Susan Edwards:


    i have been a LOYAL tourist to the island for over 7 years, twice a year! I have sent friends, accaintances and strangers we have bet diving elsewhere to this island paradise, because it WAS so quaint, majical and the people are amazing! the origianl owner or Ramons, was an island original that wanted to share the majic of the island with others, to show there was still an untouched piece of paradise within our minds and reach......palm trees, white sand beaches, amazing small local family owned businesses, restuarants with nothing but three walls, made of palm trees, and sand floors, and food to die for! there was VERY LITTLE signage other than home made signs, and the odd proffessional painted one, no gaudy stuff.....just a little island that seemed as if time had forgotten,,,, what they still write about in books, that all of us dream of finding and spending time on!
    THEN CAME HEDRICKS! the new owners of Ramons, and the quaint island is now being turned into a mini vegas....or god i hate to say it....A mini replica of CANCUN! agghhh...just what we were all trying to get away from...... sorry to say i will not be sending any more people the way of the island....i will keep my pictures and memories well guarded in my heart, my computer and my brain......and when i want to go to the paradise of my dreams, where so many of my friends live, and meet every oct and feb...i will now have to close my eyes and rememebr how things USED TO BE...........


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    If the Town thinks this clock will slow down traffic, I have another idea.


    One of the traffic guys told me they already have one but the results can't be printed out. So they don't use it.

    It's surprising no one seems to be thinking of the fine$ they could be collecting! 

    Kay Scott

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    As was commented on the Morning Show...just because it is FREE does not mean it is good.  Shame on Ramon's..they managed to purchase a piece of the street.  They should concentrate on renovating thier hotel as business has been going downhill for them and they are desperate to advertise but for the town council to practically sell part of the street? Shame on both the Mayor and Ramon's Village.  Thanks for the donation but when you donate you should NOT PUT conditions.  Now Madam mayor, if you do not want big trucks on the street, make it the law and impose a fine on all those who break it.  But do not insult the residents those poor excuses.  You did a good job for 9 years and now you will be remembered for selling out to a hotel that is deperate and going down hill....

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    Worst Idea EVER... they should put it at the park not the middle of the street!

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    In the middle of the street? REALLY?

    Now there is a STUPID idea!  Just because it's free and if it's not there they wont donate it?

    So does this mean that  whenever another company or the same company wants to fund another tower in the middle of the Reef or HolChan, the town council will happily agree?

    I thought we were supposed to be moving forward and not up Ramon's Village A$$. How many more signs do they need? They already  have that huge billboard by Tropic Air.

    If the town coucil doesn't want BIG trucks on Barrier Reef Drive then make a law that states that no BIG trucks can go on that street. If they break the law, FINE them; if they do it twice, take away their vehicle permit. Trust me, they don't want that. It's that Simple!

    In my opinion, please put it somewhere else; perhaps where the fountain was supposed to be. It would look really nice overthere. 

    Elsa Paz, I use to admire you for all that you have done for our Island but with this move, I have lost my respect for you!

    Like the saying says, Money talks... you know the rest!

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    If they didn't want the big trucks to pass on front street give them a ticket if they keep doing it then just take their license away.

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    Another roundabout?  Hell even my 10 year old thought it was a stupid idea!

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    Welll i dnt think large Vehicles will be able to pass ... like example the fire truck or even the floats for the septemeber celebrations... the location should have been alittle more closer to the park where the little palapa is


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