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Residents of San Pedro had forgotten how pothole and puddled streets look like, until the rains came! Since the beginning of summer, or probably even as far back as late Easter, the island was experiencing close to drought conditions with very little rain. As a matter of fact, many were asking for rain. Boy, do we have rain now!

The incessant rains have, over the past month, wreaked havoc on the streets of the different subdivision on the island. It’s a blessing that we now have paved/cobblestone streets that run through town and the two mile stretch up to Victoria House Resort. No more puddles and rough riding through these streets anymore. But the other streets are bad.

Residents of the different subdivisions are crying out to the San Pedro Town Council for help. Although the Town Council is working on the main streets, now paving the street all the way to the Boca del Rio Bridge, attention needs to be directed to the other streets. Residents flooded the telephone lines of the Good Morning San Pedro Reef Radio Morning Show to express their frustrations about the dire condition of the streets.

The streets are flooded from side to side, the puddles are huge and the potholes dot the streets like polka dots! Children find it difficult to get to school without getting dirty or run the risk of slipping on the muddy streets and falling down. Traffic slows down and vehicles are taking a beating. The most affected areas seem to be the DFC, San Pablo and San Pedrito Areas but the entire island is being affected by the rains.

But even though the residents are crying for help and frustrated with the lack of work from the San Pedro Town Council, Deputy Mayor of San Pedro Mr. Severo Guerrero, says that there is nothing that the Council can do until the rains stop. They are waiting for the rains to stop.

But when will the rains stop? The Town Council cannot sit and wait for the rain to stop; it’s the rainy season and there are no signs of it stopping now. Deputy Mayor Severo also stated that these streets need proper draining but that the Council does not have the finance for that project. Residents believe that the Council should not wait; there are other ways to tackle this problem and they can work on them to at least alleviate the problem. Residents of Ambergris Caye are frustrated and hope that the Town Council just doesn’t wait for the rains to go away.

Flooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroSchool children weave through flooded Streets in San PedroSchool children weave through flooded Streets in San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets in the San Marcos AreaParts of Sea Grape Drive are under waterWater-logged streets by the airstripStreets leading to ABC PreschoolFlooded Streets San Pedro Airstrip AreaFlooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroFlooded Streets San PedroWater-logged streets by the airstripWater-logged streets in San Juan AreaStreet leading to San Pedro High SchoolWater-logged streets in San Juan AreaWater-logged streets in Escalante SubdivisionOnly a handful of streets have been worked onWork continues on paving Lagoon Street heading south towards Boca del Rio BridgeLittle to no sand and gravel at Town Council depot

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Dorian Nuñez


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    This is a perfect reminder to all residents who do not realize the importance to stop waiting  and PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES !!!

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    Shameful explanation given by Councilor Severo Guerrero that the poor people will have to wait until the rain stops.   So that means we have suffer thehardships for at least two more months?  That is pathetic.

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    If there is no money according to Severito, then it must be for mis-spending because the Town council collects some six millions a year.  With that one can tile the streets...all the streets.

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    What a shame.  The town council is waiting for the rain to stop to scrape the streets.  That will cost them only fifty dollars for gasonline for one day.  What the streets need is refill of hardcore or sand and gravel to fillup the craters. That can be done now.  I am sorry for that lame excuse of Councillor Guerrero.

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    That's exactly what they'll do - wait until the rains stops. And then you'll see an entire repeat of this conversation this same time next year.

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    This is seriously ridiculous!!  San Pedro makes so much money off tourism and the best they can come up with is WE have to wait til the rain stops??  Severo's street is paved that's why we must be the ones to wait!!  Elsa Paz is worried bout making the park look better, FIX the streets, the park can wait!!  Why on earth do we still have you as Mayor?? You have been in office for so many years and you gonna come up with crap like you don't have money??  Yet you get paid every Friday and you are never in the office!!  You waste our tax dollars and still can't fix our streets!! 

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    elsa paz is the REASON in the first place why we have cobble stoned pavements on the main streets. wasting what tax dollars??? when was the last time  you paid your property tax to begin with? and how much do you pay if and when you do? do u remember a time before she went into office how ALLL of our streets looked like this?! think before you go on such rants.

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    i  also  remember   a  time  b4  the  streets  was  paved  in   town... they   were  full  of   tourists  from  dawn   to   1:00....        sandy     streets   to  walk  on  was  a  tourist  draw....they  loved  to   be  able  to  kick  off  thier   shoes  and   shop  thru  town.....unlike  other  tourist  destinations. now...   the  street's tourists,  downtown,  are  sparce....the   wells  and   septic   fields  of  the elders houses,  dont   function  as  well  with out  the  rain water....the  polution   from  the  vehicles  gets  channeled  to  the  sea..front  and  back....if  the   roads  had  regular,daily  maitenance...paving   would  not  have  been  nessessary....    tru...  i  am  not   too   enthused  at  the  thought  of   potholes......but  i  miss  the  layback  feel  of   san  do  so  many  regular  tourists..!

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    I'm traveling that way for vacation soon, any signs of this rain letting up?  Is it all day every day or what???


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    Well it has not rained since Thursday of last week. And there does not seem to be any rain in the forecast. So we are hoping that we have seen the end of the rains for at least a while now. It's sunny in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye right now! :) So I would not worry if I were you.

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