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Belize City (September 30, 2011) - On September 23, 2011, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) readily accepted the formal resignation of Director of Tourism, Seleni Matus. In her letter of resignation, Ms. Matus noted that she was stepping down to pursue other professional endeavors.  
The Minister of Tourism, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, takes pleasure in announcing the appointment of Mr. Javier Paredez as Interim Director of Tourism. The BTB has established an executive committee to successfully guide the transition process and hiring of a new Director of Tourism, while working closely with Mr. Paredez to provide full support to him and the dedicated team at BTB who continue to work hard to accomplish important tourism marketing goals.
Mr. Paredez has been serving BTB for the past four years. He was directly involved in the successful development of the 2010-2012 Action Plan, following which he moved into the role of Director of Revenue Collections and Registrar of Hotels and Timeshare. In addition to his current duties, he will assume the full scope of responsibilities for the leadership and administration of the BTB. Mr. Paredez welcomes this opportunity to further serve BTB in this new role during the transition process to a new Director of Tourism.
Over the last sixteen months, a dedicated team of Belizean staff at BTB, supported by tourism industry advisors, has made major positive steps forward in better positioning Belize as a growing international travel destination. This BTB team never once took their eyes off the single-minded goal of advancing Belize tourism to new and unprecedented levels and they will continue to forge ahead in their accomplishments to deliver a string of dynamic marketing, public relations and destination brand-building recognition for Belize. Indeed, in yet another exciting development, the Travel Channel has confirmed its interest in featuring Belize on its top list of "Hot in 2012" travel destinations - a show which is planned to air on January 1, 2012 reaching over 95 million homes in USA.
The Belize Tourism Board remains committed to ensuring the continued success of our tourism industry and thanks all stakeholders for their unwavering support.

- The following statement was issued by the Board of Directors for the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Honorable Manual Heredia, Jr., Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture, regarding the appointment of the BTB Interim Director of Tourism.

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    Maybe tourism should try getting West Jet to start fling from Canada to belize.


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    ugggh.....this guy is a J*rk....Why put him as the Director of the BTB for right now? what a waste of time and money that is....I have worked with him and he hates the will that benefit us...and he treats San Pedrano Hoteliers with such a bad attitude....What is our government coming to be?what a waste of our TAX $'s!!!!....We are coming to high season and there is no time to waste...Time = MONEY!

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    i  think   the  new   temp.   should  trim  some   employee  fat......2  guards  3   women  one  part  time  the  san  pedro  do  what...  guard  3  pamplets   in  the  rack    on  the  table....

    are  each  of  the btb  offices  slathered  with  cronyism  employment,redundence,and....waisted  funds..?

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    I applaud you for the demonstration of impotence in your statement.  Take off the horses blinders. 

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    I believe all these comments are uncalled for, all must unite for the country to prosper. Let the people do their job; they have achieved so much. Let us not be rude, selfish and only look out for one's self. Some of you should be proud that jobs are created. I personally applaud BTB. Lets put these childish ways aside and continue growing as a nation. We all know the status of poitics in our society; however, I am sure, his hiring does not come from a political aspect, but from his experience and education. Let us not be judgemental. p.s. Remember this article is published for international viewing, let us not be viewed negatively with the previous comments. We all need tourism in Belize.

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