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A motorcycle accident on Friday evening, November 18, 2011, left two persons injured; one of them seeking medical treatment in Chetumal, Mexico. Juan Guillen suffered head injuries, possible bone fractures to his face and lacerations to his eye and lip when a person riding his bicycle crashed into his motorcycle as he was heading home.

According to reports, Guillen was on his way home traveling south when the person riding his bicycle from the opposite direction crashed into him. Guillen reported that he observed the person on the bike to be riding in an erratic manner and he steered his motorcycle away from the oncoming bicycle. Reports are that the other person was intoxicated and still managed to get directly into the path of Guillen.

Both collided with such an impact that their bodies were flung from their cycles and totally destroying the bicycles into pieces. The accident occurred a few yards away from Marina’s Store on Sea Grape Drive where there was visible blood on the cobblestone street and bicycle parts scattered all over the place.

There are no reports from the San Pedro Police Department as to any charges being made, but Ambergris Today understands that both men were sent home shortly after they were both released from the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic.

Motorcycle accident on Sea Grape DriveMotorcycle accident on Sea Grape DriveMotorcycle accident on Sea Grape DriveMotorcycle accident on Sea Grape Drive

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    Let's see if the police will press charges against the bicycle rider for drunken riding and causing greivous harm against the motor cyclist.  It only seems like the right thing to do.

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    I don't know what traffic department is doing but the times I've been in the island motor cyclist are the ones always driving crazy! They over take other cars or golf carts in the wrong manner that can cause serious accidents such as this one. Traffic Department should seriously watch out on them!

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