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This year marks the 27th anniversary of Township for our beautiful Isla Bonita and according to the San Pedro Town Council, it will be celebrated with grandeur and will be a family event for all to enjoy on November 27, 2011.

To kick off the celebration for township this year the official inauguration of Lagoon Street (road from Richie’s Supermarket to Boca del Rio Bridge) will take place, followed by a grand parade through the main streets of San Pedro culminating at Central Park for official township ceremony.

All schools are invited to participate in the parade and are asked to depict the lifestyle of San Pedro as that of 27 years ago when it was known as a quaint fishing village. There will be cash prizes for schools for the best float and organized theme for those who participate in the parade.

After the parade an official ceremony will take place at the Central Park where the Town Council has prepared a family fun-filled event. After official speeches and special recognition given to those who took part in the development of the town, there will be performances to enjoy by the local dance groups.

A marching band from Mexico will also provide entertainment and there will be lots of fun activities for the children, a special presentation by Belizean musical sensation Super G and a grand fireworks display.

Township Day 2011 an event not to be missed! Let us all celebrate in grand, Que Viva San Pedro!

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    Mayor Stop spending our tax dollars on Fireworks.....PLEASE!!!! there are allot of poor people in this town...I think Sept 21 is the only time the SPTC should do fireworks....They cost so much money....Fix the Bridge with that money!!! Feed The poor with that money!!! Fix the Roads with that MONEY!!! i know its easy to spend the money but its harder for us to make that money!!! so wake up and smell the air...

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    might  more need  be  said....NO

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    I would rather the town council fix the streets than to spend the little money they have on fireworks. Or maybe Ramon's is donating that too so that the residents forget about that eye sore and traffic hazard they are putting on Barrier Reed Drive. I don't understand how Ramon's hasn't put a halt on this project. They can still move the clock to a side of the street or where the old fountain was. We would all be happy with that decision because honestly, the clock would really add to the "PARK".

    Come on Ramon's Village, can't you see that nobody, including your staff, wants this clock on the middle of the street. They wont say because they don't want to loose their jobs.

    I know the Mayor said that if 1500 people protested she would halt the project but you know that the Sanpedranos are not acustomed to coming out in public and having to do these acts. Maybe that's why she said that. She knew that only a few american residents would come out.

    Don't stop the clock project, just relocate it! Thanks.


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    G.G.  Has it so right!!!    Move That Clock.  I suggest An area by the airport!!!     K.G>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    whats to  celebrate....after   the  last  25  yrs.....

    reef  distruction..

    lagoon  distruction...

    atmosphere/ambience   distruction....

    cooked  police...

    crooked   court   system/employees...

    crooked  polititions....

    crooked  investors....

    slum-like  sub-devisions...

    oh  yeah....  celebrate    till  it  hurts.....!!!!!

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