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The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival has officially announced its festival dates for 2011. The largest festival in Belize has been confirmed to run from August 4 to August 7, 2011. And this year marks Costa Maya Festival’s 20th Anniversary! Something special is underway.

Although the festival committee cannot confirm who the highlight international performer will be just yet, it can confirm that the Festival will be a special one in celebration of its 20th running year. With this come changes to its festival night schedule; here’s the new format:

Thursday, August 4 – Opening night will feature comedic performance by Guest Comedian (previously reserved for Sunday, closing night), spectacular opening night performances and special entertainment.

Friday, August 5 – Welcomes the ever popular Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant (Miss Costa Maya). All seven Central American countries and Mexico have confirmed their participation in this year’s pageant. Coordinators have already started working on the theme of the pageant, which is expected to tie in with the Mayan 2012 celebrations that most Central American countries are promoting at the moment. Expect great things for this year’s pageant once again. Entertainment will follow after the pageant.

Saturday, August 6 – International Night is set to bring another spectacular international artist to highlight an evening filled with more entertainment both from local and regional artists.

Sunday, August 7 – The biggest changes comes on the last night of the festival. Activities move from the festival ground to Central Park for an all-day Beach Party with live music, DJ competitions, games and a repeat of the Triathlon that was very popular last year. There will no longer be scheduled performances during the evening, but the mechanical rides and food stalls will be accessible to the public at night. The FUN moves to Central Park on Closing Day for the Costa Maya Festival.

The ball is rolling and the Costa Maya Festival Committee has started to work in looking for the best performers from the region and internationally to grace the stage of the biggest and most popular festival in Belize. More updates coming soon!

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    I agree with the comment made as to the people in charge of the pageant.  The Miss San Pedro Pagaent which I think involved Adaly Ayuso was simply by far, the best pagaent I have seen.  The committee should seriously consider utilizing her services and whomever else was directly involved in the production of the most recent Miss San Pedro Pagaent.  The Costa Maya is a great festival but like with everything, it can always use some improvements.  

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    First of all I would like to congratulate the Cost Maya Committe on the 20th edition of this festival.

    Now, I  feel very sad to hear you are bringing Marisela for Saturday night. When I heard the options on the morning show, I went like, WHAT? Come on, there are by far better artist out there. Nothing against these two has-beens but be serious.

    I  heard that you have to bring these wahsed up artist due to budget restrains but I am sure if you invested in a better performer like, Pitbull, Marco Antonio Solis, Camila, or even Alejandra Guzman to name a few, you would get you money back. Are you waiting for the other concert organizers to bring them? Come on Costa Maya Committee, it's time to WAKE UP. Maybe you should consider adding new and younger members to your committee. No offense to your loyal current members but sometime you need fresh people to inject better and fresh ideas.

    I hope there is still time to reconsider this desicion otherwise don't feel bad if your event is poorly attended. I know me and my other friends will rather go to Jaguar's Club.

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    I would easily pay double the existing price if you bring in Pitbull or Daddy Yankee and I bet plenty of others would as well.

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    Ok...since everyone is talking about being "Real", lets do the mathematics.  Pitbull or Daddy Yankee get paid over $100,000usd for a concert more or less plus travel, accommodations for them and thier crew.  That means that the actual cost is around $150,000usd.  Ok..that is $300,000.00bze dollars. Last Year the fee for the entire festival was $105.00bze i lets divide $300,000.00 by $210.00 since you are willing to pay double and see how many people we would need for the committee to break even...hmm....1428 tickets would have to be sold.  Now you would pay a $210 dollar ticket but would 1427 also pay that price..when it is being said that $105 is way too high.  Belize does not have the volume to make it affordable for top artists to come.  Not even Chetumal that has a poplulation far bigger than our island can afford to bring them. Merida that has a population of over a million can afford to bring pitbull who will be there tonight...I would also like to see Daddy Yankee and Pitbull but the reality is that Saca Chispas and Costa Maya and Belize is not ready for them yet.

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    $105 is way too high because of who you are bringing in. The exposure for the island would be more than enough to get some hotels to put up the artists and crew and 1400 people from all over the country would show up easily. Money people from BC would be filling higher end hotels and the mid and lows would fill as well. Remember that we are a young country age wise and even those of us who don't have much money will be saving our money to see a big concert for once. Stop thinking of us as so low that we can't expect something big.

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    Congratulations to the hard working Costa Maya Committee who have been organinzing this event for 20 years and hoping for much more to come. 

    I have attened each and every event the Costa Maya has done and sometimes I don't even know the artist that they are bringing in but I still attented. Yes I understand that some people are dissapointed about the selection of Artist that they are trying to bring but guys you need to realize that the committee has to work within there budget.  My suggestion to does who are dissapointed is to try and attend the event because that is how Costa Maya will be successful and make some money.  If they are successful maybe for the 25th Anniversary they can bring someone like you guys are suggesting.  Lets stop complaining and participate and hope Costa Maya is successful and could bring someone better in the future. 


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    LOVE MARISELA...but i agree with the above comments have to bring someone that is younger, offense to Marisela but that is not what people want to pay their money for...i used to live in the island and from since then i've  been to every Saturday night concert and i go in part for tradition but the past few have not been as great as the music that is out right now...just my thoughts..

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    David Guetta or Bob Sinclair definitely will be a hype DJ show for a good price that Costa Maya can afford...And its show for youth...

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