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The General Elections in the year 2013 might be the last time voters in San Pedro go to the polls to elect ONE Area Representative and Minister in Cabinet.  The next time around for the 2018 elections it could very well be an election to select two persons to represent us in the National Assembly and Cabinet.

When San Pedro went to the polls for the first time in 1985, there were just about 1,500 voters on the list, and ever since there has been a constant growth in our voting population sometimes by as many as 600 to 800 more voters every time another election comes about.  Today we stand on the verge of reaching the 6,000 voters on our voting list.  

It has been the practice by government and the Elections and Boundaries Commission to divide an electoral division whenever it becomes too large.  By the time the 2018 General Elections come around, with a growth of over 100 every year, we should be well over 7,000 on the voters list and if the practice should continue, we would be divided into two electoral divisions.

So there might be a San Pedro North Division and a San Pedro South Division.  The town core might be split in half so that some of us will be represented by one area representative and another section by a second person.  Interesting, right?  We believe that this would give San Pedro greater and better representation in the House of Representatives and in Cabinet if both of our representatives should be chosen to be Ministers in Cabinet.  We foresee that this will mean more attention being paid to the needs of San Pedro, so we all stand to benefit.

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    Thats Great News am a San Pedrano Living up north am YOUNG i guess i should start putting my name on the map so when that time comes i can RUN for Area Rep....O how i wish San Pedro Was its Own COUNTRY....The Country of Ambergris Cay with the Capital San Pedro.....Thanks AT!

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    I like the attitude of the posting of the Sanpedrano up north.  I am a Sanpedrano down South, not too young like him, but I wouldnolt mind puttin up my name to represent the south and together we can build San Pedro, and perhaps change it into a country of its own.  CanSanpedrito be the capital?

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    Why on earth would you guys want to be your own  country? That riduculous. For starters, you have no room for an international airport. You don't even have enough fresh water some times of the year.

    I guess you would at least be able to charge import duties on limes...make them $2 each...while over yonder in Belize they have them 5 for a $1.

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    i  have  registered twice  to  vote  in  san pedro...  each  time  i  show  up  to  vote  on  voting day...  i  am  not  ....on  the  list....something  is  rotten  in  denmark  folks

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