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In an incredulous act of violence one woman sets her cousin on fire over a dispute of a television. Nineteen-year-old Rene Martinez had to be hospitalized, having received severe burns on his body after being set ablaze by his cousin 25-year-old Elijia Kelly.

Reports are that on Tuesday, March 29 at about 3:30 p.m. Kelly and Martinez were at their grandparent’s home when they began arguing over a television. Martinez, along with a friend, was in the living room watching television when Kelly arrived and wanted to change the channel. Martinez did not allow her to do so and took the remote to his room. Kelly, upset with what Martinez had just done, unplugged the television and took it to her room and left the house.

She then returned to the house only to find that Martinez had taken out the television from her room. Kelly and Martinez engaged in an argument where Kelly claims that Martinez hit her and threw her out of the house. Kelly then took a plastic bottle and asked a neighbor for some gasoline and then broke into the home. An infuriated Kelly then threw the gasoline on Martinez who was watching television and set him on fire; she then ran away.

Martinez’s friend managed to out the fire and with the help of Martinez’s uncle he was transported to the San Pedro Poly Clinic. Martinez was later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. He sustained burns to 40% of his body. Police detained Elijia Kelly and will appear at court today, March 31, 2011, where she will be charged for Grievous Harm.

UPDATE: After her court hearing Elijia Kelly has been officially charged with Attempted Murder and Grevious Harm.

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    Grievous harm and yu just try bon up sombady rass?  How bout attempted murder?  Di two a dem shooda go da jail fi fool fool!  

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    It's so sad too see that in Belize you can basically get away with murder. so tragic...

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    she is 25 year old not an innocent anymore,its so sad cause they are relatives.she needs to be charged with attempted murder and should spend some time in jail,this is the result of parents not taking care of their children,kids unattended,children with no discipline, that's
    the end result.

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