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Construction is proceeding rapidly at the San Pedro High School grounds of the San Pedro Jr. College Hon. Manuel Heredia Hall. This building will serve some 600 students of San Pedro High School and San Pedro Jr. College. The project is being supervised by Mr. Angel Nuñez, President of the Jr. College and will be named Hon. Manuel Heredia Hall as he has kindly provided the funding for such building.
In charge of the actual construction is Met’s Construction under the able hands of Emeterio Sansorez Jr. When the building is completed it will be fully ventilated with ceiling fans, be fully tiled and house two regular size classrooms and one large one. Inauguration of this brand new facility is not yet scheduled but expected some time in late April before the end of this school year.

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    I think your story is misleading. Hon. Manuel Heredia lobbied for GOB to provide the funds. GOB gave the high scholl a parcel of land which was sold to David Mitchel. The monies were never provided by Minister Heredia, this is a misleading story and i wish other media house point this out loud and clear. It would be event interested to find out how much money was collected for the 62 acres of land and for how much it was sold?

    PUP member

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    Let me respond to this ignorant PUP member.  The manner in which the Hon. Area Representative obtained funding to assist San Pedro Jr. College is none of his business and everyone can be assured that this goodwill gesture was made in good faith and is perfectly legal because the Minister announced it publicly.  Nobody can expect that he took it out of his pocket. The George Price Center and the Phillip Goldson are great examples of genuine projects. People like this should be expelled by his party or sent back home because they are a shame to San Pedro.  One more thing, if he is brave to mention names and invent figures of land, why is he not brave enoughto sign his name?    Signed.  Angel Nunez, President San Pedro Jr. College

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    I  AM CONCERN WHY DON'T YOU PUP MEMBER MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.The school should not be polital it is for the benefit of our children . So don't involve education and politic.Why did PUP didn't build it they were there 10 yrs..

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    Where does this guy Heredia get so much money?

    I wonder? Surely not on the salary he gets. How does he get so much money?

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    Why don't you go and interview him personal. I think that is none of our business. Do any body ask you where you get money.

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    Mr Heredia's comments about all the crime in San Pedro being committed by Creoles will not be forgotton. 

    Will black children be able to attend this school, I very much doubt it.

     I'm surel it will be just reserved for Mr. Heredia's Spanish friends.. 

    What a joke.

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    Let me tell  you i something if Mr Heredia say that creole is the one that made the crime it is true and if the hat fits you just wear it  .

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    Sorry to tell you this if Mr Heredia say about creole people it is true. And if the hats fits you just wear it.Thanks

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    We at San Pedro High School and San Pedro Jr. College are serving young people from all over the country and it is an insult to try to bring racial prejudice in our school.  San Pedro High school has an exellent record in education and we must be thankful to Hon. Manuel Heredia for his generosity.  Please don't let your silly partisan politics blind you.

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    Please let's go back to the first post that has caused this mess.  He implies he is from a media house, but look at the standard of his writtten English.  Errors as follow:   scholl=  school       monies were=  money was    Heredia,  = Heredia.      other media house=  other media houses      clear=  clearly      event interested=  even interesting   sold?=  sold.  (your grade     -20%

    signed:  Former English teacher.

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