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The Rumor Mills are spinning and much word has come to our office about local airline Maya Island Air starting up with direct flights to the United States of America. Rumors circulating are that Maya Island Air will soon start up flights to New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale and Cancun direct from San Pedro.

The rumors are very interesting and could pose very good news for tourism in San Pedro/Belize. Here is what we have come across on social media and blogs:

“Let me be one of the first ones to let the secret out. Maya Island should start flying to and from New Orleans this winter.”

“There is also a very strong rumor that Maya is looking to fly from Cancun directly into San Pedro as most of their customers’, on this route, final destination is San Pedro.”

We contacted Maya Island Air and their public relations department were surprised that these rumors are out there already because none of these have been confirmed yet. Maya Island Air assured us that they are in the process of working out some great flights to the US and Mexico but nothing can be confirmed yet. As soon as all the details are worked out they assured Ambergris Today that we would be the first to get the news to share with the public. Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

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    Can Maya kindly inform the public about how long it would take to fly San Pedro to Cancun?  And from San Pedro to Fort Laurderdale, Florida?  This new air connection sounds very exciting. Can't wait.

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    FLL-CUN is approx. 1 1/2 - 2hours flying max depending on headwinds. Add about 1 to 1.15 hour more to that time.  Currently JetBlue is flipping back and forth with the 150 seat A320 and 100 seat E-190 on the FLL-CUN run and Spirit is flying an A319 with 145 seats up to 2 times daily between FLL-CUN.

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    Wouldn't this require the government to provide a Customs & Immigration station at the airport? 

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    The runway is very narrow. Boeing 737 cannot turn around.  I bet FAA will not allow to fly to MSY!  Boeing 737 will never able to handle this San Pedro airport!  

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