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Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals at Tropic Air

Ambergris Today has been doing a lot of traveling lately and with all the recent Room Service (Resort Reviews) we have gotten great positive feedback from the tourism industry. “We are fully booked for the next few months,” is the statement we have received from many resorts, including Grand Caribe, Tranquility Bay Resort and Matachica.

A quick check around town provided really positive feedback from businesses including restaurants, golf cart rentals and bars. It is clearly evident that there is much activity on the island as tourists are flocking to Ambergris Caye. Fido’s Courtyard was teeming with young spring-breakers over the weekend and just walking by Elvi’s Kitchen you could see that the restaurant was filled to capacity the past few days.

We checked with local airlines and Tropic Air provided us with statistics of air travel for Saturday, March 12, 2011 which seemed to be the busiest day for the airline. It was unbelievable the amount of people exiting the planes at the John Greif III Airport, with staff working non-stop.

Tropic Air reports Pax # for Sat. March 12, 2011:
434 Passengers traveling Belize International to San Pedro
385 Passengers traveling San Pedro to Belize International
1459 Passengers traveling Countrywide

Since February 12th, Tropic Air has set a new record each Saturday, culminating with a record setting Saturday, March 12th.

These are really impressive numbers at a time when the Island needs it the most. We hope everybody takes advantage of this peak in tourism and treats our visitors with kindness, politely, and with the charm that everybody keeps falling in love and coming back for more.
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    TOURISM IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS.  Let us all be very corteous to our visitors especially on the streets.  Vehicles should always stop to let tourists cross the streets without having to run.  They feel special like nowhere else in the world. This is what makes SanPedro unique.  Please.

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    Thanks Dorian.  You all do a fantastic job in promoting San Pedro.  How about more stories like this one with the dive shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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    We had a wonderful time in San Pedro. The people were kind and pleasant. Everyone should get a chance to visit the Skybox sports lounge. It was nice and simple and the people were courteous. Not to mention the fantastic drink prices! Lol... I will definitely be back in San Pedro very soon.

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    I'm coming to San Pedro with 6 other friends from the UK in May. We cannot wait to experience San Pedro!

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