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Over the holiday weekend Oceana Belize participated in several exciting events across the country, allowing plenty of opportunities for the public to learn about its campaign against offshore exploration and drilling, as well as to sign its petition for a national referendum on the issue.

Starting on Saturday, March 5, Oceana joined La Ruta Maya Challenge, with a booth on the banks of the Belize River at the Village of Double Head Cabbage. That same morning Oceana had  representation at the Morning Mixer at Mayan’s Lumber Yard in Dangriga Town! And to top off the evening Oceana was also present at the Pre-Carnival Fair held here in San Pedro.

With petitions on hand, Oceana personnel collected signatures from island residents who show their support against offshore exploration and drilling. Audrey Matura Shephard, Vice President of Oceana Belize was also on the island with the Oceana crew. She met with Ambergris Today to discuss and further plan an aggressive campaign to educate islanders on the organization’s campaign against offshore exploration and drilling and the national referendum on the issue.

Ocean needs to collect 17,000 signatures to call for the national referendum, thus Oceana is working hard to collect these much needed signatures of registered voters. Being part of the Belize Coalition against offshore drilling for oil, the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) is helping Oceana gather these needed signatures. ACCSD is doing so through their office above BLU on Barrier Reef Drive (opposite Holiday Hotel).

But Audrey Matura Shepherd is being more aggressive in the hunt for signatures as she has solicited the assistance of Miguel Perez and Dina Graniel who will be visiting registered voters on the island and asking for their support. It is asked of everybody to extend their support to Oceana and to Miguel and Dina when approached.

On Sunday, March 6th, Ocean continued its petition drive in partnership with the Belize Coalition to Save Our National Heritage, covering La Ruta Maya from the beautiful Village of Burrell Boom, and finally culminating its referendum weekend at the Belize City Center on Monday, March 7th, welcoming the winning paddlers and participants of the 2011 La Ruta Maya Challenge.

Forms for the Signature Collection for NO Oil Drilling are also available at the following offices: Seaduced, San Pedro Town Council, Ambergris Today, and you can also sign up with Miguel Perez. Office hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Office Number 226-2799. Thanks in advance for your support. Learn, Sign, and prepare to Vote for the Referendum!

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    People please we need your signatures!  Let Belize be untouched! When they start drilling and see all those beautiful coral dead and millions of dead fish floating on your shores then it will be too late! We depend on tourism! This is the time to stop them! ACT NOW!

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    What an absolute load of rubbish. Offshore drilling doesn't kill coral or fish. Ask any fisherman from Texas or Louisiana, who go out to fish under the rigs, because that is where the fish breed. It also brings in MILLIONS of dollars from Tourists who go out to fish near the rigs. Then ask anyone in Barbados about how offshore drilling has failed to affect tourism as well as not affecting their reef, nor their fishery. Ask anyone from Trinidad the same thing. Offshore drilling will NOT affect tourism in the slightest. Wake up Belizeans and do not believe the disinformation being spoon fed to you by these scaremongers. Use you intelligence.

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    ARE YOU OK IN THE HEAD?  Who wants to go and fish next to rigs? What a beautiful sight! Oh yes the rigs blend so beautiful with nature! We don't need to put rigs in the ocean to make the fish bread. That is why we have the mangroves! You are telling me that the tourists will come from all parts of the world to go and fish under a rig? You are full of  Miar@a.  And by the way this is not Texas, Barbados or Trinidad. This is Belize! We want to keep it untouched!

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    Yes, I am perfectly OK in the head. Why are you so agressive and abusive?

    What is fish bread? Some sort of bread made from fish?

    There are thousands of tourists who want to go and fish next to production platforms. They do indeed travel from all over the world to go fishing off the Louisiana and Texas coast. (where incidentally there are far more fish due to mangroves as well as production platforms.

    You state that you want to keep Belize untouched. Does that mean you want to keep Belize poor? It is a very well known and recognised fact that Tourism does immeasureably more damage to the environment than drilling has ever done.

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    We don't want Earthquakes or tsunamis in Belize.

    The infamous geothermal project in Basel, Switzerland, which drilled three miles (4.8 kilometers) into Earth's crust, set off a magnitude 3.4 earthquake, rocking the town and shutting the operation down entirely. *This came from the New York Times.* I don’t think we need Earthquakes or tsunamis in Belize.

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    Actually the drilling did NOT cause any tremors. It was the injection of millions of gallons of water into the fault line that may have caused the tremors. And besides this Basel gets several earthquakes a year anyway. This was nothing new. Oil drilling in Belize will NOT cause earthquakes nor Tsunamis, and any one who says it will doesn't understand the geology of the area.

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    the fool that says offshore oil drilling shod be do is out his mind, just imagine fool that after they have discover oil how many vessels would come and destroy our beautiful coral. oh by the way just tell me weh you live and i gana teach you a lesson. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oil drilling is not a clean business.

    It is not Belize's future, especially if our oil is sold on the world market.

    If it not refined and sold here, where atrev long range benefits for people of Belize ?



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