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Several families are without their homes today as a large fire gutted a large area of San Pedro Town last night, July 31, 2011. Town residents in the Airstrip Area were awakened about 1:30 a.m. to the calls and screams of neighbors as a fire started in the building known as Neri's Tacos located next to Hakal Kiik and one street behind El Fogon Restaurant. Neri's Tacos is a popular early morning eatery in San Pedro.

Firefighters experienced difficulties starting up the fire engine and residents struggled to put out the fire with a bucket brigade. The fire got out of control pretty quick and managed to engulf at least three homes in the block and completly destroy the property of at least 10 families who today remain homeless. Sources tell Ambergris Today that the fire started in the rear building of Neri's Taco, presumably the kitchen. It is not know what was the cause of the fire, but the Fire Department is conducting an investigation into the matter.

Residents were clearly frustrated at the response of the San Pedro Fire Department as there was little residents could do to extinguish the fire that quickly got out of control and spread to neighboring buildings. No fatalites or injuries have been recorded up to now.

Neri's Tacos Fire

Children affected by the fire are between the ages of 5 to 10. Residents are already working on collecting clothes and basic necessities for the famiies affected. If you can help please pass by El Fogon Restaurant (today Sunday, July 31, 2011) to render your assistance. The familes affected need our help.

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    very sad news! One would think that the emergency services had regular drills "just in case", to not have a fire truck start is terribly unacceptable.

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    Same old story...San Pedro Fire Department caught with their hose down.

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    got that right...

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    Where can a donation be sent from the USA - to be assured the people affected really get the funds????????

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    there will be a radio ton sometime this week they should say the bank accounts of the affected families there, my sister got affected by it she spoke in news 5 Magdalena Madera, I have sent her some clothes she should be coming to her hometown today. 

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    there are 3 fire trucks in San Pedro.. what happened? :|

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    thats true same old story with the fire department  its a shame  dont know how  use there trucks  ,  wish all the families  that  where  affected by the fire

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    The Fire Department were so useless after they came like a hour ago they were all drunk an could even handle the pressure of the hose... but good thing they were alot of mens around that helped them... they could have managed to save some houses but shame to say that they were of no use after all caz the beautiful an helpfull people of san pedro were therw with there buckets of water to assist....

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    That's pretty scary that it got out of hand so quickly. What terrible timing to have the fire truck refuse to work. It's good to know there were no injuries, but it would have been a good time to have atlas international insurance or something similar. I hope the trucks get up and running sometime soon so something like this doesn't happen again.

    -JJ Lenos

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