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Stuck between a Coconut Tree and a Hard Place - We see it all the time! And we only wish we had more traffic wardens and police officers that could help remedy the situation! Bad Golf Cart Drivers or Bad Drivers, period! But in this case it’s the same old problem of driving on the beach.

It’s prohibited to ride vehicles on the beach, golf carts apply. The beaches are closed to vehicular traffic but it seems that people insist on doing so. Ambergris Today has always been on a mission to stop this from happening, thus we publish the culprits when we catch them in action. Plus we want to educate and remind everybody that it is not right. We all want to keep our beaches beautiful, right?

Locals, tourists, we have seen all of them do it. This time we have a couple tourists riding a rental golf cart along the beach in front of Royal Palm Villas. How did they get there in the first place is a good question. Then they got stuck between the property wall and a coconut tree; obviously there isn’t any room to ride through - Classic!

Just a reminder to ALL – vehicles are not allowed on the beach. Enjoy the beach with a relaxing stroll! And a reminder to all golf cart rentals to stress this when they rent their cart, especially to tourists! Thanks! Happy Riding!

Here is how it all turned out!

Golf Cart Stuck on Beach

Acrobatics on a tight space

Golf Cart Stuck on Beach

Help Arrives

Golf Cart Stuck on Beach

Now it's stuck on good

Golf Cart Stuck on Beach

More help arrives

Golf Cart Stuck on Beach

The Golf Cart had to be lifted up by the area security guards

Golf Cart Stuck on Beach

Finally on its way out! Success! Save yourself the stress, don't ride on the beach.

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Dorian Nuñez


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    We were going to buy at Royal Palms until we had a look at the "beach". You must assume that the owners have no respect for their properties! I would not walk along here let alone drive.

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    I find it difficult to understand the mindset that would insist on driving the beach when it is SO obvious that it is not wanted.  People make NO sense SO much of the time.  This is what I was hoping to get away from!


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