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If history is to repeat itself in San Pedro, for having a woman take office as Mayor of our town, our community is poised to have another great leader in its hands. Local Sanpedrana, Melanie ‘Mel’ Paz, officially announced today, July 12, 2011, her independent mayoral candidacy for the upcoming Town Council Elections in 2012.

In a brief press conference held at Sunset Grill Melanie Paz officially announced her candidacy stating that this election is not about her or competing with other candidates but about the people of this island and the island itself.

“My campaign will not be about promises,” stated Melanie Paz. “As the old adage goes ‘promises are meant to be broken’, I can, with all conviction, say it will be about commitment, and I believe that my track record proves that is what I am about.”

Melanie is no stranger to the island’s residents; she is a strong woman and has been involved in many committees and organizations in the community and works tirelessly for the betterment of her island. Melanie works not expecting to receive anything in return but to make a positive difference in people’s lives and her island.

“As President John F. Kennedy said at his inauguration speech, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, as what you can do for your country’,” stated Mel Paz. “I firmly believe that in joining forces with the people and working along with them, a great deal can be accomplished. The time has come for the people to unite for a better San Pedro.”

Melanie Paz has a degree in Business Administration and is presently the manager of Caye Management and is now an Independent Mayoral Candidate for the 2012 Municipal Election. History has proven that an independent candidate can take up office as Mr. Gilberto Gomez proved when he became the first Mayor of San Pedro Town in 1985.

Learn more about Melanie Paz on Ambergris Today’s story of her as Person of the Year 2009.

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    She will make an excellent Mayor.  Here are some  some descriptives  about Melanie: Outgoing, responsible, of Integrity, committed, honorable, distinguished, leader, no bull,   organized, etc.

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    I am so happy to hear that Melanie Paz will be running for mayor as an INDEPENDENT candidate! I believe that the people are tired of both political parties and all the elaborate and magnificent promises they make before elections, when at the end of their term, only a few are ever accomplished. Melanie has proven to be woman of integrity. Her two year service as president of the Lion's Club was undoubtedly a success and I can attest to that. Thanks to her leadership, the Lion's Club reintergrated itself into the community and now has many active members. I have complete trust in Melanie that she will make an exceptional Mayoress, because she will work for the people and with the people of San Pedro to make the island successful in every way that it can. When I think of elections, I look at the person, not at the party the candidate is affliated with, and I encourage voters to vote for the people you believe can make a difference. Not the colors. 

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    THIS woman will make our Town and our residents ONE AND stated together we stand divided we fall....GO MEL!!!!

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    I just hope so she will work for the people and the community

    Not for her self and family.Because at the starting everythin sound good after ward is something different.I thing Mr guerrero will be also a better mayor for the community because he is a responsible person .He don't go and party.

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    I'm not shocked at the impressed to have an option......



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    Excellent move! Melanie. It would be excellent to have an independent mayor to keep the other party candidates who win in check. Transparency & Accountability!

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    Finally a true candidate. GO MEL.

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    Happy to hear of Melanie Paz running for mayor. As a proud San Pedro Lion, I have seen how Melanie gets things done.  She has reinvigorated the Lions...and I am sure as Mayoress, she will be task focused to the end.

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