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Saga Saves Simon
- Press Release, Saga Humane Society, January 18, 2011 - Simon was only a very small puppy when someone decided to tie some fishing line around his neck.  Maybe they thought that this would work as a collar; or maybe they were just being cruel.  As Simon grew, the fishing line did not grow with him.  Instead it cut through his soft puppy skin, right through his neck – leaving him with an unimaginably horrific injury, virtually slitting Simon’s throat.

When the little boy walked through the doors of SAGA with a cute puppy in his arms, no one imagined what they were about to discover.  The puppy was very sweet and calm but the little boy was nervous and wouldn’t give his name, tell anyone who the puppy belonged to or even who his parents were.  When staff took a closer look at the puppy they were surprised to discover that the puppy’s whole neck was sliced through the flesh with the fishing line deeply embedded.

Simon is very lucky that this little boy knew that he could turn to SAGA Humane Society for help.  He is even luckier that the staff at SAGA were determined to save his life.  Simon was not a complainer and had lived with the terrible pain caused by this injury for some time –he was a fighter.

Due to SAGA’s hard work and tender loving care along with Simon’s determined nature, he is now a happy and healthy seven month old puppy looking for a brand new home.  After all Simon has been through, this little guy definitely needs to find someone who will love and care for him and make sure he never has to suffer from abuse or neglect again.

Come and see Simon and his friends at SAGA Humane Society.  They say a house is not a home without a good dog. If you see a dog that is injured or suffering call SAGA on 226-3266 and they will be there to help.
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    Thank you for all that you do SAGA! And much love to Simon - I will be hoping someone will adopt this guy and savor the joy only a dog can bring to your life. If I lived there it might be me! Smile

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    That looks so painful. Poor Simon.

    So grateful that we have a SAGA society on this island and that people know they can turn to SAGA to help animals.

    Bravo to the brave little boy who stepped up to help Simon!

    Thank you SAGA for helping the boy & saving the sweet little dog!

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    What a horrifying story, but with such a joyful result.  Thank you, thank you SAGA for all you do.  And thank you to the little boy who saved the puppy's life by bringing him to SAGA.   I hope Simon will find a forever home soon.

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    I am so so mad to see such an innocent creature suffer the way he did.  Belize needs to have strict laws to punish the people who torture these poor defensless animals. No animal deserves to suffer like Simon did, thank goodness he was saved by the caring hands of SAGA and the little boy.  Thank you SAGA, Thank you.

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