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A large brush fire alarmed residents in the San Pablo area, one that could have posed a threat to the Alfaro residence. The San Pedro Fire Department was called to the scene of the fire, just north of the Ambergris Stadium, at about 7:30p.m. last night, Friday, January 14, 2011. Neighboring residents say that the fire truck took some time to arrive at the scene but that the fire was quickly put out once they tackled it. This is the second brush fire that has erupted behind the Alfaro residence caused by the burning of cleared shrubs.


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    This is the way people from Central America and some villages in Belize dispose of all the rubbish and debri in their yards.  I have seen it many times on my entrance to San Pablo even close to Milo's A & L Apartments.  They should be fined by the authority so they would desist from this dangerous and annoying practice.


    San Pablo Resident.

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