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Just a month ago butane prices increased a whopping $8.00 for the 100lb cylinder and about two weeks ago the price of fuel went up as well, and now taxi fares on La Isla Bonita increased??? After getting several complaints by concerned residents about the taxi fare going up, we contacted Mr. Raul Gonzalez of the Taxi Federation to clear things up.

According to Mr. Gonzalez, the taxi federation had made a price list about six years ago but it was never revised by the San Pedro Town Council. After having met with the Town Council this past week to discuss the taxi fares for going up north, the price list was finally revised and the fare for transportation to North Ambergris (across the bridge) was added to the list.

“Taxi drivers have been lenient on locals and have been charging them $5.00 on short runs and $8 to $10 on longer runs,” commented Mr. Gonzalez. “Taxi fares at night are increased a bit more depending on the distance and how many passengers are on board. With the price list that has been given to all taxi drivers to display at all times, locals will still be given discounts based on the taxi drivers discretion.”

Mr. Gonzalez also mentioned that the fare for transport to north Ambergris is similar to the fare for the southern run. Proper measurements and other factors were taken into consideration including toll bridge fare which will be paid by the taxi drivers and not by passengers.

So there should be a slight increase in taxi fares, especially during the late evening hours as the Taxi Association is now implementing the rates of the price list that was created six years ago. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rates that the taxis will now be charging. It is mandatory for taxi drivers to openly display/provide their rate sheet to customers. Below are the new rates for San Pedro Town and North Ambergris Caye.

Taxi RatesTaxi Rates

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    "At the taxi driver's discretion" means "it depends on your skin color".

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    well every bad has a good behind it, lets annalyze, the cab drivers are charging 8bzd, we won't pay more than 5bzd for a run as locals. So my San Pedrano's the new year and the new rates means we gotto get healthy and start wallking or riding bikes.................All goes for the best.........

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    A taxi driver tried to charge me $15 for a 2 mile ride then threatened to take me to the police when I refused to pay more than $10. I said "Great let's go". He then backed down and dropped F-bombs and all kinds of derogatory racial slurs. And I live here! So now I get the opportunity to pay these guys even more?!?!?! C'mon Man!

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    ok so how is it possible that san pablo run gets to pay $12 but DFC which is further and a much bigger pain in the bum to drive through especially when it rains, gets charged only $10??? I say this is a messed up revision. and btw person who wrote " 'At the taxi driver's discretion' means 'it depends on your skin color' " it's not all that cuz im local my skin is the same color as most the taxi drivers and i still get jacked. i think it's more a matter of 1. how often you ride them 2. if they like you 3. if you have a good job n they think u have money....but i could be wrong 

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    how  much   would  it  cost  to  get  to  the  model  from  the  moondancer  taxi...?

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