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On a press release dated January 7, 2011, The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) was happy to announce that the newly opened Craft Market in the Fort George Tourism Zone (FGTZ) had a very successful first week.

As the first major development under plans for the Zone, the new Craft Market designates a part of the FGTZ for vendors to display their work and offer services to travelers.  On high volume cruise arrival days, approximately forty (40) vendors utilize the craft vending facility. Products, ranging from exquisite Belizean artwork to intricately designed handmade jewelry, are available for sale inside the attractively enclosed area. Patrons can shop around for authentic local goods and enjoy genuine Belizean hospitality and service in this one convenient location. As an added bonus to the activities inside the market, visitors are also musically entertained.

“The Craft Market is just one of the strategic plans being put in place to enhance the overall ambience of the newly instituted Zone,” says Seleni Matus, Director of Tourism. “Its core function is to give all our vendors equal opportunity to display, attract and cater to their customers in a safe and secure environment, while allowing a freer flow of activity outside the vendor area.”

The Craft Market is situated on North Front Street, just outside of Terminal 4 in the FGTZ. It is opened on cruise ship days from six o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening; however, all vendors have the option of utilizing their booths outside of cruise ship days.

For more information about the Fort George Tourism Zone or the BTB, please visit
Successful Opening week of the Craft Market at Tourism ZoneSuccessful Opening week of the Craft Market at Tourism ZoneSuccessful Opening week of the Craft Market at Tourism Zone

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