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Mario Graniel submitted these great pictures of a 38-40 foot Humpback Whale that he spotted while on a fishing trip last week at the Turneffe Atoll. Truly a rare sighting!

Sperm WhaleSperm WhaleSperm Whale

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Dorian Nuñez


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    Cool story.  That whale will remain in Belize throughou the Winter.  Would be nice if excursions could be organized for schools to appreciate this once in a lifetime experience.

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    How often do whales swim in Belize waters? 

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    lets hold  off  on  the   tours  to   disturb  the  whales.......  they  have  enough  troubles  every where else in  the  world  from    tour boats  ....lets  for  once...  respect  the  sea creatures.....when they  visit.....

    we  do  enough  to  destroy  our  wildlife  in  the sea as  it  belize......b/c  bz's  polititions  have  sold  out the reef

    leave  the  fish  alone..

    .the  tourists  find  no  peace  in san  pedro  these  days...... 

    let the  visiting  whales, at least ,find  some....!!

    [thanks  time  out  take  a  video  cam.....then  show  the  video  in  the  schools]

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