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San Pedro High School gathered its student body at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium for Career Day. The annual all morning assembly has always been an excellent eye-opening and inspirational day for San Pedro High School students to learn more about the careers available in San Pedro.

On Friday, February 04, 2011, the event committee of SPHS: Mr. Emil Vasquez (Principal), Mrs. Conchita Flota (Vice Principal) and Mr. Gustavo Ramirez (Guidance Counselor) invited different guest speakers to talk about their careers and share their experiences with the student body.

The Guest Speakers were as follows:
Social Worker, Ms. Pam Killen
Photographer, Ms. Kay Scott
Graphic Designer, Gerry Badillo
Banker, Mr. Justin Nicholas
Teacher, Ms. Estella Usher
Dentist, Dr. Severo Guerrero
Medical Doctor, Dr. Javier Zuniga
Engineer, Mr. Ernesto Gomez
SPJC, Lecturer, Ms. Neima Gomez
Marine Biologist, Mr. Miguel Alamilla
Nurse, San Pedro Poly Clinic
Pilot, Mr. Alberto Ancona
Tourism Specialist, Ms. Lorraine Montejo

All Guest Speakers including our very own Ambergris Today employee, Gerry Badillo got the chance to share their passion for their work. The student body got the opportunity, not to only get inspired, but ask questions. Congratulations to another successful career day for San Pedro High School.

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    I was waiting for this to happen. A young Sanpedrano to go and talk to the students about what it takes to work hard for your dreams. Gerry is the perfect example, he is an Orgullo Sanpedrano. Hope to see you doing more great things on the island. Ambergris Today keep going STRONG! Congratulations Gerry!

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    Very proud to see our very own SPH graduates now professionals as guest speakers... kudos to  Gerry Badillo, Severo Guerero, Alberto Ancona, Miguel Alamilla.

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